Getting Started

I published my first piece of erotica at the now-defunct, sorely-missed illustrated erotica site Ruthie’s Club in 2005. I was a year out of college, working in a call center tech support situation, and getting over about eight years worth of sleep deprivation.*

I found the call for submissions the Erotic Readers and Writers Call for Submissions page, and I liked the idea of getting better than a cent a word.

The first thing I submitted was accepted, and my friends had to listen to me rave deliriously about it for a good month. The only thing that kept me from being completely unbearable is that I didn’t force them to read it. It’s not a bad piece, but it was all about erotic genital piercing and some of my friends were understandably squeamish. (Some were not).

The second thing I submitted got rejected, which resulted in flailing and further patience from the aforementioned friends. I liked the second story a lot more than the first one, and I was pretty down until I realized that THERE WERE OTHER MARKETS OUT THERE. That’s a good realization for a new writer to have.

I sent it off Oysters and Chocolate, who accepted it very quickly, and in a strange twist of fate, the second story was published by Ruthie’s Club a few years later.

Looking back, that was an astonishingly smooth road to early publication. I had a sympathetic editor, an understanding group of friends, and a job where typing on the computer looks an awful lot like doing real work.

Coming Soon:
-What My Different Jobs Have Taught Me About Writing Erotica
-Erotica Cliches I Never Want to See Again
-What Safeword? or Why I Write Asshole Characters

*The sleep deprivation came from first being involved in every school activity that didn’t involve me wearing a uniform and one that did, and then getting a double degree in four years. **

**Political Science and Media Studies. As far as I can tell, I am best suited for work as the propaganda minister for a small banana republic.


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