The Best Things About Being an Erotica Writer

No one is going to be asking me to give a career day presentation at a middle school anytime soon. I have a career, but the valuable things that I could say to middle school students are probably limited to things like, “you can be bad at math and still be a success in life,” and “pursue your stupid little hobbies.”*

I am not sure that anyone sets out to be an erotica writer, but now that I am one, there are some advantages that I didn’t see coming.

So why am I happy I’m an erotica writer?

It’s all research.
Everything. My membership at FetLife? All of the time I spend on sex toy sites? Hanging around the horse tack aisle at Farm and Fleet? It’s stuff I need to write fiction. The funny thing is that this is not a lie, it really is.

I write the erotica I want to read.
I want to read weird stuff. I want to read about sex between cybernetically modified humans, BDSM in a pre-modern fantasy setting and power exchanges between supernatural creatures. I can’t always find what I’m looking for, but at least I can write it.

There are a lot of markets.
I love the Internet. There are lots of places where I can sell my stories, and I haven’t needed to worry about a self-addressed stamped envelope in more than a year.

It looks like real work.
Writing, whether its erotica, speculative fiction or romance, is real work. However, what I’m referring to here is real work like compiling spreadsheets, tech writing or any of the other tasks that I used to handle for the ISP I once worked for. I worked third shift for the better part of a year, and I managed to get myself started as a professional writer during that time.

People say nice things about my erotica.
I have gotten some of the nicest letters about my erotica. You’d think there would more creepy stuff, but not really. It’s all been “that was a sweet story,” or “well done!” Of course, the day I get something genuinely creepy, my friends are going to find me curled in the closet muttering about how the dirt doesn’t come off.

It pays.
Writing erotica is like a fun hobby that occasionally pays my phone bill or buys my groceries. My first story sale was to an erotic ezine, and I used that money to buy delicious, delicious sushi.
*Stupid little hobbies turn into careers more often than you would think.

Coming Soon:
Ievan Polkka and Other Music That I Listen To While Writing About Sex
“Well, Dad, It’s About Lesbian Vampires. Lesbians. Like Two Girls Together.”
Sex Lips and Other Reasons Why You Don’t Peek Over My Shoulder When I Writing


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