It Sounded Like a Good Idea At the Time, and Other Excuses

The only person who has ever asked me where I get my ideas from is my mother.*

Everyone who normally hangs around with me is an artist of some variety or other, and they tend to figure the answer is wherever they get their ideas from.**

While I figure if I ever get famous enough that this gets asked routinely, I’ll come up with something clever, it is worth stating for the record that I get my ideas from everywhere, both for erotic fiction and for regular fiction. Ideas happen when two or three previously unconnected things connect for some reason and start to, um, bud, I guess. Budding works, as long as you understand that budding can produce tentacles, dystopias and redcap street slang.****

So what kinds of things get banged together to produce ideas?

I love fanfiction. I read it, I write it, and I can honestly say that some of the fanfiction that I’ve read is better that some of the published work that I’ve read. You know that saying, take an idea and run with it? Sometimes when writing fanfiction, I take an idea, run with it and end up in somewhere completely other. When you’re writing fanfiction about original characters that are tangentially related to minor characters in an alternate universe setting, you’re probably not writing fanfiction any more.

Bad Movies
I like to watch movies from time to time, and it occasionally seems as if I have watched more bad movies than my share. Sometimes, good ideas for fiction come from saying, “Wow, that’s problematic. How do I fix that?”

Random Object Selection
Okay, this came from my sleep deprived days when I was writing a 3,500 word erotic story every month in addition to other writing. When it got close to the end of the month and I hadn’t figured anything out yet, I would pick a random object in my apartment and start writing a sexy story that used that object. For clarification, it wasn’t necessarily used in the sex act just… near it, I guess.

Break Society
I like writing sexy stories set in fantasy or science fiction settings, and one way to get there is to break something in in the place where the characters live. I might take something away, turn something normal into a taboo, or in the case of the story Virgin, give almost everyone cybernetic augmentation.

My friends are a very tolerant group. When I’m stretched out flat on someone’s floor, whining about what to write about, they tend to remind me of things that I was talking about a few days ago but just forgot. Or they feed me. It’s a pretty sweet deal for me, frankly.

Coming Soon:
Themes in Erotic Urban Fantasy, or Sex with Elves
My Problem with Wingfic
Feeding Your Erotica Writer
*She wasn’t asking about the erotica. Thank Ribbit, she was not asking about the erotica.
** I figure that the day they look at me and seriously ask “Where did you get the idea for this?” is the day that I win a pony. Or get hauled in for questioning at the local police station.
*** This process can also be accelerated through sleep deprivation ****
**** Not recommended.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Madeline Elayne
    Apr 13, 2010 @ 15:40:54

    I love the random objects writing game! It can have some very…interesting results, can’t it?

    (ps – much looking forward to the feeding your erotic writer post, and pointing all my friends to it tee-hee!)


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