My Stream of Consciousness Has Ugly Trout

So there’s an anthology coming up that I want to write for. It’s a steampunk erotica anthology, and I like sex, and I like air pirates, so it’s a good fit.

Then comes the period where I want to submit to an anthology but I don’t quite know what to write for it. This period is often marked by random word association, disjointed musings, and staring at the sex toy sites.*

Finally an idea hits, and I finally have something to say when someone asks me what the story is about.

“There’s a shy airship engineer and a female gunner! And they have sex!”

Then I realize that the anthology seems to call for steampunk machinery. Okay.

“There’s a shy airship enginner and a female gunner! And they have sex next to a vibrating engine!”

So I start writing the story, by which I mean I stare at an open word document and occasionally type random words.**

One opening paragraph later, I realize that the story is not, in fact, about engineers or gunners.

“There’s a shy military official and a stowaway courtesan! They have sex in a grounded airship!”

I get up, get a snack, and water my plants.

“Okay, now there’s a voyeuristic military official, a courtesan and….um, a fainting couch. A steampunk fainting couch.”

I watch an episode of Gintama, feed the pigeons and poke at some other projects.

“There’s a Cthuloid-horror dog fight, and there are two federal agents who are trying to break it up!”

Wrong project. I pull open the right file.

“Why’s there a very nice secretary involved in this? I like him. What’s he doing here?”

Man, I want some cheddar cheese. Do I have cheddar cheese?

“Huh, does the military official even show up in this story?”

I look up, and realize that it’s past midnight. I don’t have anything like what I was planning to write, but I do have 1200 words of a short story that sounds pretty good

So now I’ve got a pretty promising short story beginning, and it’s time to go sleep.***

I’ve still got about 2000 words to write. I’m looking forward to seeing what this story might actually be about, because, well, it’s sure not about an airship engineer and a gunner anymore.
Coming Soon:
Kannan Feng Writes M/F? I Didn’t Know That!
Top/Bottom, Sub/Dom, Mayo/Mustard
Kannan Feng’s Readers Buy Her Sushi (hint, hint)
*Theoretically, it’s to get inspiration, but practically, it turns out to be an excuse to stare at the pretty toys that are too expensive for me.

** I never type “all work and no play makes Kannan a dull girl.” There’s riffing on a theme, and then there’s tempting fate.

***I’ve learned not to write when too sleepy. Otherwise, the next entry would likely be something like, “There’s a graverobber and a matador. They have sex in a hot air balloon!”


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