Resurrecting the Dead (Projects)

Completely Unrelated to the Post At Hand:
For anyone who enjoyed my What Safeword? or Why I Write Asshole Characters post, go check out
Miss Rat Expresses Discontent: Rape and Misogyny. She’s got a lot of important things to say about yaoi and the responsibility of carrying through on your premise.

If you’re going to be a writer, you need to finish things. Things need to get finished, edited, and sent off to the editor. This is one of the Great Truths of getting published.

However, this doesn’t mean that writers don’t accumulate unfinished projects the way that ships pick up barnacles.* Knitters call them UFOs, or UnFinished Objects, and around my place, they’re a fact of life.

The key is not to let the UFOs take over. Sometimes, I have to grit my teeth and finish something, even if it’s just a 100 word story. Someone needs to orgasm, someone needs to go to jail, someone needs to realize that their life is over and sail away on a unicorn spaceship.**

Abandoned projects aren’t always dead projects and just because you are not working on it now, doesn’t mean that you will never work on it again. Knitters have Finishing Month, where they just end the projects that they have started, no matter what annoying stage they are in. I have resurrected projects that I never thought would see the light of day again.

So just to see how bad the UFO files look, check out some old abandoned projects that I fished out just for this occasion.

Kairth’s Dog
It was the same word, but with fear and alarm behind it, and it sent Ferr straight to the floor. The force of the Curse was such that Ferr didn’t even catch himself on his hands. This time, he couldn’t stifle the howl that was wrenched from between his clenched teeth.

Second world fantasy with a vampire and a professional exorcist. I like the characters, I like the world, and it’s been stagnating since early 2009.

Untitled Egyptologist Smut
Killian’s golden hair was dark with water and there was something on his face that was both blank and resolute. He had bathed and barefoot on the splintery floor, and Imyrr could see that the buttons on his shirt weren’t fastened correctly.

This was a proposal for a graphic novel that never went anywhere. It was about Killian, who is an Egyptologist looking for a lost tomb, and Imyrr, whose primary motivation was having sex with Killian. Imyrr ended up transferring nicely to my “I want to be H. P. Lovecraft” series about January Martel, hell librarian.

With Gently Smiling Jaws
“Do I look like an Alice to you?” he snapped, and the man in the water only smiled, showing sharp white teeth.

“You’ve the blush of fair Albion on your cheek, you wear neither the livery of the Heartless Queen nor Duchess Impatrice, and you come to drink at my river with no fear whatsoever. Yes, you seem quite like an Alice to me.”

I started writing it for a Circlet anthology, but I got distracted by something else. I can’t remember what, but I liked the characters well enough.

That’s the tip of the iceberg in the wilds that are my Fiction and Pornography folders. There’s more down there, but if I dig down deeply enough, I’m going to find something primordial and it might eat me.
Coming Soon:
Filing the Serial Numbers: Fanfiction Into Fiction
Rugs on the Floor, Plants on the Windowsill, Sales on My Mind: Becoming My Mother
*Don’t worry, that metaphor isn’t carried on.
**In the interest of honesty, I did start that, but I am decidedly not finishing it. That’s okay, too.
***New toaster = happy, toast-eating erotica writer


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