Done, Done, Oh My God Done!

So while I do have an unfinished projects graveyard that has more in common with the Bermuda Triangle than I would like, I do occasionally finish things. Very occasionally.

As a matter of fact, I finally finished a fantasy short story last night and sent off another short story to an anthology that I very much want to get accepted to. It felt very good, and I thought this might be a good time to get into the various ways in which finishing a story might affect me. It’s almost never the same from story to story, but there are a few key modes which I might enter after I have finished something.

This happened after writing Lord of Misrule and another short story after about 4 days of writing. I ended up flat on Miss Rat’s floor, relishing how I wasn’t writing and staring at her ceiling fan. I don’t recommend this one, as I think I might have been reduced to gently poking at the place where my writing brain** used to be for a few days.

Ohgod, I finished it, I finished it, and there is NOTHING that I cannot do! Novels? Short stories? Lace shawls? Crepes? I can do it all, and sometimes, if the high is good enough, I do. Some short stories get started and completed in the wake of a recently finished project. I also tend to cook a lot right after I finish something. The later might be because I went into a writing fugue and emerged slightly starved.

So, apparently, I wrote a short story/novella in there somewhere. I think it was about data thieves? Or ghosts? Maybe an Egyptologist? This one reminds me of getting out of tests in college and no longer knowing was on it. Theoretically, I wrote a story and now it is done. That’s all I know, and when I come back and read it a little later, I’ll be just as surprised as anyone else that you can use data-jacks like that.

So I’ve finished a short story. So what? There’s still the one about the Chinese ghosts, the Cinderella foot fetish story and that one about having sex in a graveyard. Sometimes, I don’t notice that I’m actually done because there are so many other stories that need to be written. This state often results in Flattened, as described above.

So I sent off Deviant Devices last night and completed another fantasy story. The result from this one was that I immediately got another fantasy short story. I get images, snippets of dialogue and other story aspects, but this time, I got a whole short story, beginning, middle and end. I like it, I think it’ll be cool.

It’s a good place to be. Now if only I could make sure that it happened every time.
Coming Soon:
Post-Novel Let Down
BDSM in Stories: You’ve Never Done This Before, Have You?
Anonymous Kink Memes: Learning From Them, Loving Them
*A few titles currently mouldering in the Pornography Folder: Vampire Smut, More Vampire Smut, Partial, Bits, Ends, Odds, Egyptian Smut.
**As opposed to my talking brain, my knitting brain or my eating brain.***
***It’d be cool as hell if it ate zombies, but it does not.


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