Short Story: Virgin

So besides writing blog posts, eating too much rice and bugging Miss Rat and the Long Suffering Girlfriend (LSG), I also occasionally manage to get things published.*

This week is going to be me talking about what work I have for sale and coming up, and today, I’m going to be gleefully chirping about my story “Virgin,” in the Circlet Press anthology Queerpunk, edited by Kelly Kinkaid and Cecilia Tan.

Click the link to buy the book!

“Virgin” features a cyberneticaly-augmented thief named Dust and a lockpick called Laika. They’re hiding out ofter a job went south, and I suppose when you hide out in a love hotel, certain things are inevitable.***

The primary kink in the story is Laika’s fascination with cybernetic augmentation, and though it’s not quite one of mine, it usually gets my attention whenever it shows up. One the only scenes that I remember from the second Matrix movie is the sex scene between Neo and Trinity, where you could see the connection points that had hooked them up to the Matrix.

The scene in the Matrix, a cyberpunk novella that I’ve never gotten published and playing way too much bad pseudo-Shadowrun back in high school were probably the many sources of inspiration for this story.

This story was fun to play with, though I remember that I had an awful time trying to end it. Reading it over now, I have no idea why. Seems simple enough. Here’s a spoiler for you: there are lots of orgasms.

Not a lot hits the cutting room floor when I write short erotica, but there were some things I was sorry to lose. There’s a bit about Nova Rus, where Laika is from that had to go, as well as a part where Dust talks about incarceration and jails in that universe. I also had to cut some stuff about the Izumi augmented dogs that I liked.

As you might expect from me, it’s damaged people playing games that they shouldn’t be playing with each other. Laika and Dust are not due for happily ever after, they might not be happy an hour after the story’s close, but they’re definitely happy for now.****

If you like the sound of it, please buy, and if you write of a review of it, let me know and I’ll link to it.

That said, wooh! I have two listings on Amazon! That makes me kind of like a real author!
Coming Soon:
Lord of Misrule: Writing Even More Jerks
First Person Erotica vs. Third Person Erotica
Good Morning World: Writing Erotica at Stupid o’Clock
*The opposite happens, too. Yesterday, I received a very nicely-worded rejection for a story that had been sent to them less than 12 hours before. You can’t beat that kind of speed. **
**Except for the time I had a piece of fiction accepted in under an hour.
*** Though if it were me, the only inevitable thing would be me snitching all the nice soaps.
****Kind of.


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