Killian and Imyrr

In the realm of projects that refuse to die, we have Killian and Imyrr. I wrote them up for a proposal that didn’t end up going anywhere, but they’ve stuck in my mind ever since. Essentially, Killian’s looking for a lost tomb, Imyrr thinks he knows where it is, and Killian, who is broke, barters sexual favors for Imyrr’s help.

I think one reason why I like thinking about this pair is that they’re essentially living in an adventure pulp novel. There’s Egyptology, explosions, crossdressing, and a lot of snappy one-liners. Imyrr thinks they’re snappy, anyway. “We’re here to drink your beer and annoy your women,” is probably not nearly as funny as he thinks it is, though I giggled.

I’ve got no clue if I’m ever going to get the opportunity to write these guys, but I did write out their first sexual encounter.

Because I’m getting hungry and need to go find food soon, have some oral sex and trauma!


The inn had a ceiling so low that Imyrr could reach up and touch it, so he lay down on the bed instead, wondering idly where Killian was. He smirked to himself. Killian was probably nervously pacing the hall and steeling himself for what he was sure was going to be coming next.

The idea of the younger man laying stiff, scared and probably virginal in the bed, that sweet face screwed up like he had tasted sour milk, made Imyrr want to laugh. The boy had guts if he was willing to charge into the middle of bar fight, but he was probably as frightened as a young bride. While the thought of showing Killian precisely what his cock was for appealed, the idea of screwing someone who simply lay back and thought of England (or would it be Thebes?) made him shake his head.

The door creaked open and Imyrr glanced over and then couldn’t help but stare.

Killian’s golden hair was dark with water and he was barefoot on the splintery floor. Imyrr could see that the buttons on his long nightshirt weren’t fastened properly.

That untidy detail on the otherwise fussy Killian startled him enough that he was completely unprepared when Killian knelt by the bed.

“Hey… hey Killian, look, you don’t have to, okay?”

Imyrr sat up on the bed, ready to help Killian up, but then Killian had squirmed squarely between Imyrr’s legs, one hand already groping high on the other man’s leg.

“It’s fine, I’m not going to make you do a damn thing…” Imyrr’s voice rose in a startled yelp, when Killian found the closure on his trousers and started undoing them with a dexterity that had to be learned.

“You don’t have to…” Imyrr muttered, but it was fast losing any sort of conviction at all as Killian started to lick the tip of his cock like it was candy. Imyrr glanced down and caught a glimpse a kitten pink tongue and any resolve he had to push Killian back dissolved like sugar in water. The boy’s hands were clenched in the fabric of his trousers and almost mesmerized, Imyrr found his hands smoothing through Killian’s hair.

Without any more warning, as if Imyrr had given him some sort of signal, Killian brought Imyrr’s cock straight down his throat, making small swallowing sounds. His fists clenched even tighter on Imyrr’s thighs and his slender body started to shake, but otherwise he was perfectly still.

“Oh Christ, Killian,” Imyrr groaned. He could feel Killian’s throat in the most intimate way possible, and the delicate tremors of the muscles there told him how much Killian was forcing himself not to gag, to be still.

Killian’s mouth was amazingly sweet and there was no other word for it, practiced, and he found that his hands were fisted in that golden hair the way that he wanted to do since he saw it. His feet braced on the floor, Imyrr arched his hips up to Killian’s mouth, coming hard and unable to pull away if he had wanted to.

It was a shock to look down into Killian’s eyes and find them as remote as an arctic tundra, even when his lips were red and swollen with what he had just done. There was something in them that sent spider legs crawling up Imyrr’s spine and all he could think to do was to kiss it away.

Killian was surprised and that was the only reason that he allowed the kiss, or at least that’s what he told himself. One moment, he was in that detached place, wondering if he had done a good job, and the next Imyrr’s mouth was on his, nudging Killian’s lips open with his tongue. The hands that were still tangled in Killian’s hair brought him close with something so much like tenderness that it made Killian’s heart ache and then he felt the world shift as Imyrr lay him down in bed.

“Captain Desmarais, I…”

“Turn about’s fair play or hadn’t you heard, St. Clair?”

Imyrr lay down on the bed next to him, making it creak perilously, and then he started placing soft kisses on Killian’s shoulder and neck.

“I wasn’t going to,” he murmured between kisses, “at least not tonight, but holy Virgin, you’re so goddamn hot…”

The words woke Killian up more than he had been before and what he saw was a dark hand sliding between the buttons of his nightshirt, undoing them and baring skin that despite the desert heat was still pale. He was so fascinated by the difference in shades of their skin that the sensation of Imyrr playfully spidering his hand over his chest made him gasp.


“So… goddamn hot,” Imyrr muttered, kissing him on the point of his chin.

“Don’t worry, pretty boy, I’m not going to let you do all the work,” Imyrr was saying and he might have been saying more after that, but Killian only knew that Imyrr’s hand was pressed between his legs, fumbling for the fasteners, and was he actually squirming down on the bed?

The thought of Imyrr going down on him created a sick knot of fear and desire in Killian’s stomach and he twisted away, nearly braining the other man with his knee as he did so.

“Christ! What the hell are you….”

Imyrr’s words fell right out of his brain when he looked up at Killian. The glacial grace was gone and on his face was stark humiliated fury.

Don’t!” Killian said. His voice was somewhere between a snarl and sob and it made Imyrr scramble to his feet, hands up to show that they were empty and nowhere near Killian.

Killian was breathing so fast that Imyrr wondered if he was going to be sick and he had to stifle his first impulse to pull him back into a sitting position and to rub his back.

“Don’t touch me,” Killian said clinging to the wall. If a human back could bristle, his would be.

“Don’t touch me like that.”

“You touched me,” Imyrr said stupidly, and he could have slapped himself. Killian sat up and turned to face him, eyes wet but utterly furious.

“That was our bargain,” he hissed. “Or are you too stupid to know when something is a payment and not a… a… an invitation?”

Imyrr bit back on the urge to tell Killian that surprise oral sex looked a lot like an invitation, but instead he only sighed.

“I didn’t mean to scare you or to take what you wanted the wrong way,” he said diffidently. “Sorry.”

Killian looked startled and then he drew the covers around himself more firmly.

“Well, see that you don’t in the future,” he muttered, rolling over to face the wall.


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