I Don’t Want to Sympathize With Stupid

As should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog, I like reading erotic and I like reading power play stories. Stories where one person is emotionally or physically abusing someone else? Sign me up. I don’t mind happily-ever-after, I guess I just like to see a little bit of screaming and suffering along the way.

That being said, it’s a big disappointment when I am reading along and discover that I want to strangle one of the characters, and not in the fun, sexy way.

I’ve run into far too many stories that have a great premise, good writing, good characterization, which then fall flat the moment the submissive partner opens their mouth. Maybe its because the submissive character’s the one I usually end up wanting to identify with, but bad writing on submissive characters pisses me off.

Being submissive does not immediately make someone weak, pathetic, incompetent, or stupid. They may have Stockholm syndrome, they may be making lots of dumb mistakes, or they may be damaged people who are reaching for the wrong solution entirely,* but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are idiots.

I’ve always thought that one of the best ways to get a story going was to find out what the character wants and then to take it away. I guess my issue is that there are too many submissive characters who don’t want anything, and that makes for a pretty dull story.

Things a Submissive Character Can Want
For that to stop, please?
For that to stop, NOW!
To be dominant

I figure that just about anything can go into that list, depending on the tone of the story and what the story is trying to convey, but there needs to be something there. If the submissive partner is just wandering through the story with a big question mark above their head, well, first, I want to know why there’s a big question mark suspended above their head, and second, it makes for a bad story.
Coming Soon:
BDSM For Characters On a Budget
The Most Inappropriate Slash Pairings I Have Ever Come Up With
Naked Pictures of Joan Blondell or Why I Need to Write More Vintage Erotica
*Or in the case of my characters, all three.


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