Five Things Make a Post- Or So I Hope

Between one thing and another, I totally forgot I had a post today. So in the interest of getting me to bed before I turn into a pumpkin, but keeping up with my update schedule, have five different things.

1. Check out Miss Rat’s review of Queerpunk. She discloses, and I will too, that we are good friends who hang out nearly constantly, but she says more things about erotica that I would like to see said. Go for the review, stay for the pretty art. I rather like the picture of the girl tied up on the rug.

2. I stayed in bed and read a few volumes of yaoi a few days ago. Yaoi is a guilty pleasure, and they started selling it at my used bookstores, though without the dust jackets for some reason.* On one hand, yaoi plays to a lot of the tropes I like. On the other hand, so many characters are teeth-grindingly stupid.

3. I like knitting and I want to do more of it. I’ve started knitting lace, which against all odds, ends up being faster and more engaging than simply doing a straight stockinette or garter stitch.

4. I really want to do an m/m story about the general and the high priest of an evil empire in a fantasy setting. Between an emperor that is looking to make reforms too fast and to get everyone in more trouble, peasant revolt and possibly war dragons, there’s wacky hijinks and romantic comedy. If I can pull that off, I would be so happy, but I figure it’s at least a novella long.

5. I’ve been in a mood to read and write angst lately. I want to read about characters suffering, and interestingly enough, I don’t want to read about it getting better. I want to read about people who make stupid decisions and then have to live with them.
Coming Soon
Coming At You Live: Notes From Writing a 3,500 word Story in 2 Days
Raving About Erotica I Love
Maybe Getting Started On a New Lace Pattern
*The real problem is that they put all the erotica on a very high shelf. This makes it very difficult for shorter perverts.


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