My Erotica Shelf and What’s On It

Okay, before we get into fun sexy times, terrariums!

I had never really seen one before I had to write an article about them, but one link and several page views later, I want to try one. It’s falling squarely onto the list of Hobbies That Let You Play God* and chances are good that I am going to try it soon. One step closer to being the Crazy Girl on the third floor.**


Anyway, a while back, I had a fit of insomnia, and measured the amount of erotica that I had on my shelf. It turned out that I had about 28 inches of erotica and that the variety was just weird. The contents of my erotica shelf either say a lot about me as a sexual being or it says that I have will buy anything with two pretty men on the cover.

So what’s on my erotica shelf?


This makes up the vast, vast majority of the bulk; I would say there’s maybe 14 inches of yaoi there. Yaoi manga are Japanese comics about m/m relationships primarily written for women. I remember being a teenager, hearing about them, and being wistful that we would never get them over here. It’s a really mixed bag, ranging from stuff that actually has a plot to comics where the characters could drown in the shower. I may need to purge this shelf soon, but you know. Mine.


I don’t really read romance, or at least, I’m not sure I’ve read an entire romance book. I’ve got a Judith McNaught romance and a Catherine Coulter romance on the shelf, and they are both notable for having a lot of sex and a fair amount of non-consensual sex in them. Even though I can get better stuff now, I’m leaving them there for nostalgia value.

Historic Erotica

This includes an anthology of the Victorian erotica periodical, The Pearl, and the serial, The Way of a Man With a Maid. These things taught me that writing unrealistic porn is a tradition that goes back more than a hundred years, that you can actually overdose on flogging stories and that I never want to go to a Young Ladies’ Reformatory of any type.


One I’m in, the rest are sort of a miscellaneous collection of erotica that I’ve picked up kind of randomly over the years.

Despite the erotica on my shelf, I would say that it’s only a tiny percentage of what I read online. It’s a really good thing I’m a fast reader.




Coming Soon:

World’s Sexiest Meat Products

A Recipe for Disaster

I Go to the Grocery Store Because I Think I Am Still Hungry



*Included on this list are vivariums, certain types of reptile keeping, model railroad building, writing and parenting.

**It really beats being the Screaming Guy, the Sucky Music Guy and the Guy Perpetually Fighting With Girlfriend.*** Probably doesn’t beat being the the Concert Violinist Girl, though.

***Really, its okay to break up. You’ll both be happier. I’ll probably be happier too.


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