Five Things I Do That Have Nothing to Do With Writing

Every now and then, I need to remember that I do other things besides write. Some of the things that I do have nothing to do writing at all.* It’s important to do things besides writing, because otherwise, I’d be pretty dull to hang out with, and writing isn’t actual communal. I don’t have all that much of a social life, but I’d like to hang on to what I do have, thank you.

So what else do I do with my life?

This is a relatively new thing. It took me a few years, but I’ve gone from making rectangular things to triangular things. I like to think that’s an improvement. I’ve gotten better, and all it took was inflicting years of poorly knitted gifts on my friends.

I am a funny-shaped person. I’m not perfectly ball-shaped or, you know, elliptical, but there are oddities there that make shopping a little irritating. The answer? Start sewing my own clothes. Right now, I’m wearing a brown and metallic gold calico skirt and thinking about making a bolero jacket to go with it. Between the shalwar, the skirts and my house haori, I think my big goal is to complete my transformation into a pile of cloth.

Tend Reptiles

Or rather, reptile. Or rather, Sophietta. Sophietta is my little albino cornsnake, who hates everything. She’s actually pretty good-natured, but she’s also a snake, and it is given unto snakes to be a little pissy about everything that happens to them unless they are actually devouring something.

Play World of Warcraft
I don’t have a personal Horde or Alliance affiliation, but for the record, I’d like to play on the side that commits the fewest genocides. I’ve been playing for a year and some change, and I don’t know which side that means.**

Windowbox Garden
Sometime earlier in the year, I crossed some kind of border and became a crazy plant lady. It started when a guy at last year’s farmer market gave me a coleus sprig that got knocked off a bigger plant and told me to put it in some water. I figured that was just to keep it looking nice, but then I looked down two weeks later and found a root system. The coleus didn’t die over the winter, and somehow, my collection mushroomed to a coleus, a pot of basil, a rosemary plant, a graptosedum and some chocolate mint that I grew from swiped cuttings.

Thursday, we will get back to the writing!

    Coming Soon

How Did You All Get Here?! Or Kannan Fails at Internet Marketing
Things I Can Touch From Where I Am Sitting
Least Sexy Erotica Tropes
*Not exactly true. You’d be surprised what gets looped back to writing in strange and unfortunate ways.
**WoW will never beat my first love, which is Fallout 2. I had never played a video game before Fallout 2, so I was very angry at all these people who wanted me to run errands for them while I was trying to save my village. As you may guess, this led to Problems later on in the game.***
***I think I may have inadvertently committed genocide and doomed the Western seaboard to slavery and terror. It was a depressing ending cinematic.


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