My Love/Hate Relationship with Word Count

When I am writing erotica, I tend to gravitate towards the 3,500-4,000 word range. That gives me about 1000 words to get the story set up, and between 2,500 and 3,000 words to get everyone’s clothes off, insert tabs into slots,* and then maybe set up about 200 words of afterglow.

That takes me maybe 2 days if I’m being diligent, but that’s definitely not all the work that I’m doing. For my regular job, I write maybe 3000 words a day, where I will write about everything from how to make cheese to bovine vaginal palpitation. That’s a real improvement from when I was writing 8,000 words a day on multi-level marketing and getting maybe a third of the pay. I also write about 1000 words a day on regular fiction as well, depending on how crazy it makes me. Erotica makes me significantly less crazy than regular fiction, because I know what I’m doing with erotica.

Some writers will write a certain amount of words in a night or in a writing session, whether that’s 500 words or 2,000 words, and while that’s the mode I currently use, I find that I actually seem to do better with writing goals.

If I were smart, the writing goals for Lord of Misrule would have looked something like this:

4/15: Finish the punishment caning scene
4/16: Get Iskander and Verity back to Verity’s room and start taking care of the results of the caning
4/17: Careful oral sex
4/18: Defeat mummy
4/19: Become famous writer, never write about bovine vaginal palpitation again.

Word counts can be an important tool, and a good motivator, but its important to remember that 500 words of trash is still trash, and that taking out later on during the edits is going to sting like a jellyfish.
Coming Soon:
Four Sexy, Underused Settings for Erotica
Four Horseman Gangbang
You Won’t Find the Meaning of Life on Craigslist
*Holy hell, that might have been the least sexy thing I’ve typed all week. **
**Actually untrue. I needed to research rectovaginal artificial insemination for an article I was thinking about writing. ***
*** I can’t wait to see what Google searches are going to land on my blog now.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. meloha
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 15:12:23

    What an amazing coincidence! I was just thinking When was the last time I read a decent article on rectovaginal artificial insemination? It must have been weeks ago!
    Melody x


    • kannanfeng
      Jun 17, 2010 @ 15:26:19

      My immediate thought was that I should totally write an erotic rectovaginal artificial scene.

      Then Miss Rat reminded me that Erotica Writer Chicken is probably not a good idea. ^_^


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