No One Needs Reality

As might be evident from the list of things I am working on and the things that I’ve actually published, I don’t have much use for realism. I do like things to be of realistic sizes and weights,* but wings, improbable governments, tentacles in places where tentacles ought not be, all of those things are fine. Most of the jobs that I’ve had are all about fantasy** so why should my fiction be any different?

I’ve written what feels like a metric ton of erotica, and the erotica that I’m the most proud of has always been the stuff that was set in a world two doors down. The stuff that I’ve written where it’s two random people meet and have sex always feels like a chore, but man, the minute you throw in a manticore, or a chip in your brain that is set to explode if you don’t follow the Directive’s commands, it becomes much more interesting for me.

The first piece of erotica I ever wrote was about piercing, and I followed it up with a story about a lesbian couple in the 1920s. Then there was the general array of jilted lovers, horny college students, and cheating spouses. Honestly, I should have thrown in a pizza boy.

After I got good and bored with that, I started in the weird stuff. Suddenly we have witches in rural Wisconsin, the well-hung monster under the bed, and selling someone’s soul to the devil.*** Suddenly I was interested again. I do think that these stories sound more interesting and they definitely get more time and attention from me.

It makes sense. I’ve always been a fantasy reader, and the settings I’m used to reading about have very little to do with the modern United States or the modern United States as they actually are. They have a lot more to do with worlds that are out of focus, off kilter, or fell off the back the truck sometime again and rolled somewhere fun.

About the time when I got tired of writing erotica set in our world, I found out about publishers like Circlet, Dreamspinner and Loose Id, and the rest is history. I might never need to write about people having sex in a realistic setting again.

Of course, I’m not discounting the chance of writing about an elfin pizza boy.
Coming Soon:
Kannan Feng Keels Over From the Heat (91 degrees? Really, Milwaukee?)
Fiction Thursdays
Writing as a (Bad) Habit
*Breasts, penises, ponies, bulldozers
**Phone sex operator, tech support, multi-level marketing promotion
***The trick is to make it not your own.


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