Five Things Make a Post, or So I’ve Been Told

1. I got a piece of flash fiction accepted over at Circlet Press. It involves inappropriate body structures, people who are not doctors, and as you might have guessed, people not doing so well with themselves.

2. I am currently between erotica projects. I blame the heat, but it probably has to a lot more to do with a little bit of current mental drain. I hate it when my brain doesn’t do as its told. I mean, its okay when its presenting me with interesting pictures of cute people in compromising positions, its just less okay when it wakes me up in the middle of the night reminding me that I suck.

3. I’m having a quandary where a certain plot and couple of characters could be erotica or it could be fantasy. I’m having trouble figuring out which. I’ll probably write up a few pages of each and see how that goes.*

4. Thinking about doing fiction every Thursday. It’s actually much easier than writing a post.

5. Man, if I want to actually write that Killian and Imyrr story, there’s a lot I need to know about Egyptologists at the turn of the century. Another research binge is actually sounding pretty good right now.
Coming Soon:
Inflatable Erotica
Cooking Something That Is Not a Sandwich
And Then She Hooked Out His Eyes**
*This might translate to flipping a coin and going with that. I’m all about easy right now.
**Just making sure you’re reading.


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