Doll Sex

For anyone reading, I’m taking leaving town next week, so I won’t be posting. Wish me luck, and let’s hope I don’t inadvertently set the East Coast on fire.*

This week’s piece of fiction involves agalmatophilia, or the sexual attraction to statues, dolls or mannequins. There are a lot of things to like about this kink,

By the way, future-Kannan? Looking up “sexy dolls,” “sexual interest in dolls,” and “doll sex” will not find the term that you are looking for.**


She’s the statue of a goddess, though no one can decide which one.

One cold hand beckons and I take it, climbing up on her pedestal with her, and her marble lips smile, so I kiss them with fear.

Her hard, round breasts push against my chest, and I can feel myself get hard as I press myself against her. I’m aroused, but that’s less important than the calcifying chill that that starts to spread through me.

One morning, they will find me crouched at her feet, marble and insensible, and from her still mouth, I hear the word soon.

Coming Soon:
The East Coast
Kannan Feng Ponders Her Addiction to Echo Bazaar
Goddamnit, Am I Hungry AGAIN?
*No promises. I dropped a mattress on myself and nearly gassed myself with my oven not once but twice last night.
**It will however, teach you how to make a sex doll of your very own.***
***I’ve just invited all sorts of unrelated searches here again, haven’t I?


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