Put Your Clothes in the Fire, You Won’t Need Them Anymore.

I think one reason why Little Red Riding Hood gets so much play in erotica is that there are so many ways to do it. I’ve done one Little Red Riding Hood story, and you know? I think I’m about done with the worldly wolf despoiling the innocent young girl trope.

Have five alternate versions of the Little Red Riding Hood story.

Sometimes she dreamed and her husband, sweet and kind man that he was, had teeth that were far too sharp for any human. She could hear a harsh panting in her ear and her seeking fingers found prickly fur instead of honest wool.

There are some things we never get over. There are some things that we never want to get over.

They took everything that Red’s grandmother had and left the old woman tied up in the closet.

Wolfe didn’t stop driving until they hit Texas and then it was nothing but open sky and the girl he had always wanted in the seat beside him, knocking back can after can of beer.

“You think we’ll ever go back?” he asked her, and she cut him down with a scornful glance.

“Never,” she said. “That’s the wrong story for us, puppy-boy.”

They sent me into the forest because they didn’t know what else to do with me. Won’t stop picking flowers, won’t stop wearing red, won’t stop looking after the boys, what else were they going to do? I suppose I was lucky they didn’t give me a golden ball or a pair of red shoes.

I waited underneath the trees as it grew dark, digging my toes into the loose black soil, and when two green eyes peered at me from shadows, I smiled.

I was smart enough to be afraid, but I wasn’t so stupid that I’d go running back to the people who sent me out here in the first place.

We’ve always lived in the forest, but our pack takes husbands from the valley. When my own time came, I trotted towards the smell of baking bred and cows. Before so very long, I came across a human boy heading down the path. He smelled like summer and fun, sweat and pleasure, and besides that, he had a scrap of red silk tied around his throat like a slash of blood.

I remembered my mother, gathering my sisters and I around the fire.

“Now mind, you girls,” she said, half-closing her yellow eyes. “Red is good. Red is lucky…”

You expect wolves in the country, hiding behind the hedgerows and making off with your chickens and your children. I was beyond shocked when I recognized so many of them on a single street in Paris. They wore the skins of men, but you can always recognize them by their long loping walk, their toothy grins that have not a hint of humor and the way they pause to smell the air.

I watched the city wolves in fascination for a long moment, and then I realized that they recognized me too.
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*Yes, I’m cheating on easy posts today because I’m tired.**
**So, so tired.


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