My Life and My To Do List

So what kind of week have I been having?

I’ve been having a week where I…

…stared at a lovely picture of a man in shibari bondage and thought that his skin tone plus the reddish-purplish cushions he was lying on would add excellent visual variety to any classically decorated home.*

…envied the pigeons of Milwaukee their carefree, garbage eating lifestyle.

…stared in dismay at where a bookstore used to be, completely not understanding that it was not there any more. Surely it was a trick and the bookstore was just hiding behind that desolate storefront.

Anyway, it’s been a week, but porn still needs to get written and I still need to eat. The day job takes care of the eating at least, but it also leads to interior decorating with your submissive. Not my kink, exactly, but I can see it from here.

Have my To Do list:

Write the Vampire Lesbian Story
Yes, I do write girls. This one is shaping up like a lot of fun. There’s a bad thief and a vampire who wants something in return for all of that money that was stolen from her.

Convert ½ of an Old Story Into Something New
I like the spooky sex with a dead boy story. It was never going to be something much longer than what I came up with, but with a required story length of about 1000 words, that’s A-OK. I… had actually forgotten that there was a gunshot wound to the head in this story, though.

French Revolution Angst
I don’t even know if this one is smut. All I know is that there may or may not be a mock execution in it. I’ve been told over and over again that mock executions Are Not Sexy, but honestly, when you put into perspective, a lot of the stuff that I write about isn’t.

Promote Lord of Misrule
Lord of Misrule, my novella about magical universities, submission and domination, and mummies, is coming out soon. It’s the longest thing I’ve ever written, let alone published and as you may expect, it makes my brain melt just thinking about it getting out into the wild. Expect to see more in this space as we get closer to the release date and expect to see me turning into a twitchy little marmoset over it.
Coming Soon:
The Five Best Things About Lord of Misrule
Things I Learned While Writing a Novella
Possibly a Late Night Snack
*When jobs collide.**
**This is still probably better than when I was doing phone sex and tech support simultaneously.***
***I only helped a guy with his router during a phone sex call once.


Adventures in Editing, Take 2

Okay, it’s Thursday, edits are due in a few days, and I’m settled in with about 30 pages left to take care of.

What I’ve learned so far:
My “I” key might work less well than I think it does.
My characters are jerks.
Man, I put more breathplay in this story than I thought I did.
I need to write more.

So for those playing the home game, I’m on the final 30% of the manuscript, Iskander is locked up, Verity is having a meltdown, and I’m listening to Trace Adkin’s Ladies Love Country Boys.

Goddamnit, doing this for less than a minute and there’s the first typo. Ug.

Hee, Verity goes from zero to “it’s all your fault” in like a millisecond.

Page 79: Verity sits down, shuts and listens. It really calls for a parade and a dancing bear.

No, really, where the hell did my “I” key go?

Page 80: Iskander admits that he was wrong. Kind of. Sort of. Badly.

Why the hell didn’t I get a Verity, Iskander and Liulfr threesome in this story.*

Hmm. There’s this sex scene, and I think, just for my own gratification, I need to write another version of it from Iskander’s point of view. Possible reader extra, Y/N?

Page 92 had a typo so bad that I didn’t even know what the sentence meant.

Waaaaaaah, I’m 5 pages from the end and I wanna go play! Waaaaaaaah!

Oh god, done, done, done! So freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Porn and bobby socks for all!

(Flees into the night)
Coming Soon:
Lord of Misrule
Kannan Feng Has a Moment
Buy My Book, Pleasepleaseplease Buy My Book!
*Because frankly, Iskander would have taken one look at that damage and excuse himself to hide for about a million years.

Adventures in Editing

So after a week that would not end, I’m back and I’m trying something new today.

My novella, Lord of Misrule, is coming out soon from Circlet Press, and in the final step, I need to search out typos. I wrote this novella last year, so this ought to be interesting. I seem to remember something about a magical university, a lot of sex and whole lot of angst.

So I’m currently about as comfortable as I can get, and I figured it might be fun to journal as I go along. If I were cooler, I’d be doing this with some alcohol, but I’m not, so there’s just a water bottle.

Let’s get started…

Hee, I’d forgotten what an insufferable brat Verity was. Verity attends Atia Selene, essentially as a graduate student specializing in magic, or the aetheric arts.*

Iskander, the other protagonist, and generally the saner of the two, shows up very quickly. He’s Verity’s personal assistant.

Yes, Verity, no one has ever suffered like you have.

Verity refers to Iskander as straight. I wish I could have come up with a word that sounds a little less like modern vernacular to get that across. I couldn’t, and Verity is wrong.

Iskander is actually more stoic than I remember him being. That’s not bad, just a thing.

Ah, hell, I’m getting blushy reading my own erotica. This is going to be a fun 114 pages.

I need to write the story about how Iskander got his navel pierced. Verity meant to ask, but that went right out the window, you know, with the public sex and humiliation.

“Please, please what, Verity? Please kiss you?” is like my favorite line in the entire novella.

Fun fact: Verity’s middle names originally belonged to one of my roleplaying characters.

I make the stupidest faces in the world when I am editing.

Verity, I believe the phrase you’re looking for is “ridden hard and put away wet.”

Wooh, prologue done! That means I get… to…edit the rest of the manuscript. Damnit.

Part 1 and here we have Liulfr. Liulfr is a masochist as much as Iskander is a sadist, and trust Verity to hone in on that and take advantage of it.

Whew. That’s all I can do right now, but man, there’s a lot of sex and beatings in this. It’s a good thing I like sex and beatings.




Coming Soon:

Kannan Feng Crawls Into Bed

I Like Each and Every One of You!

More Editing Adventures



*Though from what I know about actual graduate studies, no one has the time for this much sex.

Where’s Your Head?

Okay, after deleting the first sentence that I was going to open this post with, I’m just going to straight out promise that that I am not going to get into dismembered body parts.

Anyway, so it’s almost 9 PM where I am, and I nearly forgot to post entirely. I don’t know where my head’s been lately, but it certainly hasn’t been on writing porn. It’s like every now and then, I suddenly think, “Man, I ought to be writing about something sexy!” and then I remember that maybe I need to go read some webcomics.


One of the anthologies that I am in has officially earned out, which makes me very, very happy. I always thought that earning out was, like, for real writers. You know, people who…make all their money writing…kinda…like I do.*

I believe I also have fiction set to run tomorrow at Circlet, so yay. I rather like that story, and as I recall, it made both Miss Rat and the Long Suffering Girlfriend twitch, so I’ll call it a win.

I’ve also been having a lot of fun seeing what brings people to this blog. So far, no one’s come looking for bovine rectovaginal palpitation, and there have even been people who were specifically looking for me, which is cool. The only bad part is the misfires, where I’m close enough, but probably not what they’re looking for.

For those people who came here looking for “erotica clothes on fire” and “cape bondage,” I’m sorry I don’t have what you’re looking for. I’m not sure how those kinks work, but given the fact that people want them, I want to learn!

So in closing, I’m tired, confused, and I write erotica like this.
Coming Soon:
Kannan Feng Gets Some Goddamned Sleep
Four Things I Want to Write Before 2011
My Favorite Erotic Reads That Weren’t Meant to Be Erotica
*Every few months, I have a moment like this.

Transformations and Transfiguration, Take 2!

Okay, so looking over that last drabble I posted there? It actually has no sex in it.* Topic slip is about the last thing I want on the blog, especially as in my other life, I tend towards the epic splatterpunk end of things.**

Have some transformation porn that actually has sex in it:

– – – – – – – – –

We snuff the candles when we fuck because she doesn’t want me to see.

I make guesses, anyone would. The sounds she makes on top of me are breathy, almost birdlike, and sometimes her teeth feel far too sharp for a real human. Maybe it’s the brush of a tail I feel across my thigh, or maybe the sleekness of scales between her breasts.

I come first, then she does, and she always puts a robe back on before striking a match.

“You can’t surprise me,” I try to tell her, but her cynical smile calls me a liar.

– – – – – – – – –
Coming Soon:
Qualitative Posts? What’s That?
Projects In Progress
Murders and Executions: How Dark Do I Like My Erotica, Again?
*Plus it has some things that, four days later, I would likely change, but that’s about the way it goes when you never write anything in advance.
**Two great tastes that don’t taste all that great together.

Transformations and Transfigurations

There are a few new calls for erotica submissions up, and that makes me happy as a duck.* I do much better when I writing to spec. There’s someone out there that I’m trying to please and I have a hint about what they might want to see.** Writing to spec feels safer somehow; it makes me feel that not only am I in the right sport, I might also be on the right playing field.

So the future might see me writing about female vampires again, and possibly about were-creatures. I’ve written about not really being into werewolves, so to put my money where my mouth is, have some short fic about transformation and someone who’s upset about it.

– – – – – – – – – – – –
I curled up into a ball on the floor, groaning and barely recognizing the noises that I was making as human.

Mara knelt by my head, stroking my hair and cooing gently. She wanted this to happen as much as I dreaded it, and I hated her. She offered me a corner of her skirt to bite down on and it helped a little. She rubbed my hot and aching shoulderblades and that helped more.

Four hours later, bones and feathers erupted from my back, pushing through skin like it was tissue paper and mercifully done, I fainted dead away.

– – – – – – – – – – – –
Coming Soon:
Murder Ballads and the Erotic
Tristan and Isolde, Love Potion Y/N?
What I’ve Been Reading (Hint, It’s Porn)
*Slightly happier than a clam, less happy than a golden retriever.
**Otherwise I’m apt to think, “Okay, I like mock executions, intense violence, misanthropy and redressed historical settings, surely that’s what they want to see as well!”

Fun Sexy Choking Times

“I love you like I love breathing,” she whispered tearfully, her strong fingers wrapped around my throat.

I couldn’t tell her how much I loved her because I was having trouble thinking about anything beyond clawing at her forearms and trying to buck her off.

She moaned when I pushed up between her legs and her fingers tightened. She said that fear turned her on, and I wondered furiously what the hell she was so scared of right now.

My vision darkened, but before it went, I felt her lean down to plant a wet kiss on my cheek.


Not really my kink, but I could see it through a telescope, if you get my meaning.

I’ve not been doing as much fiction as I should be lately, either sexy or the other kind and the stuff that I do I’m not all that happy with. It happens, I’m going through a low point. I’m just looking forward to the mad productivity that comes out the other side a little more than I usually do.

Of course, because I believe the best way out is through, I kind of want to destroy the lethargy with a binge of writing. I could do it, I think. I’ve got the outline for an erotica novella that is set during something that is not the French Revolution. It’s a revolution, the characters have French names, and that’s about it.*

I’m a survivor of National Novel Writing Month. I did it twice, was successful once, and I’m not sure if I should ever do it again. It might be different if I had an outline, though, and the two characters are pretty clear in my head. It still remains to be seen whether I go with the “And Then Life Sucks Forever” ending or the “Okay, Well, Life Is Sucking Less Right Now” ending. Probably the later, as its erotica, but I also have the inkling that my readership likes angst.
Coming Soon
Something Possibly Unwise
Waiting for Echo Bazaar to Refresh
Kink Roulette
Kannan Feng Reconsiders How to Name Her Blog Entries
*Then you wonder whether anyone needs an erotic novella set during the French Revolution. There’s a mock execution in the middle of the story.