Fun Sexy Choking Times

“I love you like I love breathing,” she whispered tearfully, her strong fingers wrapped around my throat.

I couldn’t tell her how much I loved her because I was having trouble thinking about anything beyond clawing at her forearms and trying to buck her off.

She moaned when I pushed up between her legs and her fingers tightened. She said that fear turned her on, and I wondered furiously what the hell she was so scared of right now.

My vision darkened, but before it went, I felt her lean down to plant a wet kiss on my cheek.


Not really my kink, but I could see it through a telescope, if you get my meaning.

I’ve not been doing as much fiction as I should be lately, either sexy or the other kind and the stuff that I do I’m not all that happy with. It happens, I’m going through a low point. I’m just looking forward to the mad productivity that comes out the other side a little more than I usually do.

Of course, because I believe the best way out is through, I kind of want to destroy the lethargy with a binge of writing. I could do it, I think. I’ve got the outline for an erotica novella that is set during something that is not the French Revolution. It’s a revolution, the characters have French names, and that’s about it.*

I’m a survivor of National Novel Writing Month. I did it twice, was successful once, and I’m not sure if I should ever do it again. It might be different if I had an outline, though, and the two characters are pretty clear in my head. It still remains to be seen whether I go with the “And Then Life Sucks Forever” ending or the “Okay, Well, Life Is Sucking Less Right Now” ending. Probably the later, as its erotica, but I also have the inkling that my readership likes angst.
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*Then you wonder whether anyone needs an erotic novella set during the French Revolution. There’s a mock execution in the middle of the story.


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