Transformations and Transfiguration, Take 2!

Okay, so looking over that last drabble I posted there? It actually has no sex in it.* Topic slip is about the last thing I want on the blog, especially as in my other life, I tend towards the epic splatterpunk end of things.**

Have some transformation porn that actually has sex in it:

– – – – – – – – –

We snuff the candles when we fuck because she doesn’t want me to see.

I make guesses, anyone would. The sounds she makes on top of me are breathy, almost birdlike, and sometimes her teeth feel far too sharp for a real human. Maybe it’s the brush of a tail I feel across my thigh, or maybe the sleekness of scales between her breasts.

I come first, then she does, and she always puts a robe back on before striking a match.

“You can’t surprise me,” I try to tell her, but her cynical smile calls me a liar.

– – – – – – – – –
Coming Soon:
Qualitative Posts? What’s That?
Projects In Progress
Murders and Executions: How Dark Do I Like My Erotica, Again?
*Plus it has some things that, four days later, I would likely change, but that’s about the way it goes when you never write anything in advance.
**Two great tastes that don’t taste all that great together.


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