Where’s Your Head?

Okay, after deleting the first sentence that I was going to open this post with, I’m just going to straight out promise that that I am not going to get into dismembered body parts.

Anyway, so it’s almost 9 PM where I am, and I nearly forgot to post entirely. I don’t know where my head’s been lately, but it certainly hasn’t been on writing porn. It’s like every now and then, I suddenly think, “Man, I ought to be writing about something sexy!” and then I remember that maybe I need to go read some webcomics.


One of the anthologies that I am in has officially earned out, which makes me very, very happy. I always thought that earning out was, like, for real writers. You know, people who…make all their money writing…kinda…like I do.*

I believe I also have fiction set to run tomorrow at Circlet, so yay. I rather like that story, and as I recall, it made both Miss Rat and the Long Suffering Girlfriend twitch, so I’ll call it a win.

I’ve also been having a lot of fun seeing what brings people to this blog. So far, no one’s come looking for bovine rectovaginal palpitation, and there have even been people who were specifically looking for me, which is cool. The only bad part is the misfires, where I’m close enough, but probably not what they’re looking for.

For those people who came here looking for “erotica clothes on fire” and “cape bondage,” I’m sorry I don’t have what you’re looking for. I’m not sure how those kinks work, but given the fact that people want them, I want to learn!

So in closing, I’m tired, confused, and I write erotica like this.
Coming Soon:
Kannan Feng Gets Some Goddamned Sleep
Four Things I Want to Write Before 2011
My Favorite Erotic Reads That Weren’t Meant to Be Erotica
*Every few months, I have a moment like this.


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