Adventures in Editing, Take 2

Okay, it’s Thursday, edits are due in a few days, and I’m settled in with about 30 pages left to take care of.

What I’ve learned so far:
My “I” key might work less well than I think it does.
My characters are jerks.
Man, I put more breathplay in this story than I thought I did.
I need to write more.

So for those playing the home game, I’m on the final 30% of the manuscript, Iskander is locked up, Verity is having a meltdown, and I’m listening to Trace Adkin’s Ladies Love Country Boys.

Goddamnit, doing this for less than a minute and there’s the first typo. Ug.

Hee, Verity goes from zero to “it’s all your fault” in like a millisecond.

Page 79: Verity sits down, shuts and listens. It really calls for a parade and a dancing bear.

No, really, where the hell did my “I” key go?

Page 80: Iskander admits that he was wrong. Kind of. Sort of. Badly.

Why the hell didn’t I get a Verity, Iskander and Liulfr threesome in this story.*

Hmm. There’s this sex scene, and I think, just for my own gratification, I need to write another version of it from Iskander’s point of view. Possible reader extra, Y/N?

Page 92 had a typo so bad that I didn’t even know what the sentence meant.

Waaaaaaah, I’m 5 pages from the end and I wanna go play! Waaaaaaaah!

Oh god, done, done, done! So freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Porn and bobby socks for all!

(Flees into the night)
Coming Soon:
Lord of Misrule
Kannan Feng Has a Moment
Buy My Book, Pleasepleaseplease Buy My Book!
*Because frankly, Iskander would have taken one look at that damage and excuse himself to hide for about a million years.


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