My Life and My To Do List

So what kind of week have I been having?

I’ve been having a week where I…

…stared at a lovely picture of a man in shibari bondage and thought that his skin tone plus the reddish-purplish cushions he was lying on would add excellent visual variety to any classically decorated home.*

…envied the pigeons of Milwaukee their carefree, garbage eating lifestyle.

…stared in dismay at where a bookstore used to be, completely not understanding that it was not there any more. Surely it was a trick and the bookstore was just hiding behind that desolate storefront.

Anyway, it’s been a week, but porn still needs to get written and I still need to eat. The day job takes care of the eating at least, but it also leads to interior decorating with your submissive. Not my kink, exactly, but I can see it from here.

Have my To Do list:

Write the Vampire Lesbian Story
Yes, I do write girls. This one is shaping up like a lot of fun. There’s a bad thief and a vampire who wants something in return for all of that money that was stolen from her.

Convert ½ of an Old Story Into Something New
I like the spooky sex with a dead boy story. It was never going to be something much longer than what I came up with, but with a required story length of about 1000 words, that’s A-OK. I… had actually forgotten that there was a gunshot wound to the head in this story, though.

French Revolution Angst
I don’t even know if this one is smut. All I know is that there may or may not be a mock execution in it. I’ve been told over and over again that mock executions Are Not Sexy, but honestly, when you put into perspective, a lot of the stuff that I write about isn’t.

Promote Lord of Misrule
Lord of Misrule, my novella about magical universities, submission and domination, and mummies, is coming out soon. It’s the longest thing I’ve ever written, let alone published and as you may expect, it makes my brain melt just thinking about it getting out into the wild. Expect to see more in this space as we get closer to the release date and expect to see me turning into a twitchy little marmoset over it.
Coming Soon:
The Five Best Things About Lord of Misrule
Things I Learned While Writing a Novella
Possibly a Late Night Snack
*When jobs collide.**
**This is still probably better than when I was doing phone sex and tech support simultaneously.***
***I only helped a guy with his router during a phone sex call once.


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