A Review and Cape Bondage Attempt #2

To start off today, we have a review from Lerite over at Livejournal, so please go and check that out.

Okay, so I checked my comments and no one saw fit to tell me what cape bondage* was. So, we’re up to attempt #2 to figure it out and it features lesbian matadors.


She had had a friend do up the polymer clay horns, but I don’t know where Minh found the matador outfit or the cape. The outfit hugged all her curves and then gave up when it got it to her breasts, which burst the first two buttons of her shirt.

I would have appreciated it more if she hadn’t been putting the horns on my head and cooing about how fierce I looked.

“I like the outfit,” I was babbling. “I really like your jacket, and the horns are even pretty cool, and um, maybe we could do this without the sword?”

Minh swished the narrow sword through the air with rather more speed than I liked and grinned.

“I did that thing with the feathers, the egg and the high heels,” she said. “Fair’s fair.”

She struck a pose and flourished the small red cape.

“Okay, now charge!”


Cannot say I didn’t warn you.
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More Reviews About Lord of Misrule
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A Snack.
*I’m honestly just making things worse for myself by using that phrase over and over again, aren’t I?


Another Production From Up Too Damn Late Players

The big recent accomplishment is that I just finished the lesbian vampire story, which is tentatively known as “Somewhere, Anywhere.” I rather like it at the moment, but that’s because I’ve not tried to go back and edit it yet. I know there’s a morass of misplaced limbs and improbable character motivations waiting for me, but at least I know it?

I’ve been thinking about writing romance lately. At this point in my career as an erotica writer, I’m not sure that I’ve written one romantic relationship. Verity and Iskander come the closest, and at the end of Lord of Misrule, they’re just on the verge of saying, “Okay, we’ve got something, so let’s see if it’s going to last any longer than the last orgasm.”

The story about Florian and Cles is likely going to get the title “Cut” because it really can’t get sent off as “Revolutionary Prawns.”* The story is nasty and getting nastier, and the victim and victimizer roles aren’t shaking down where the characters thought they would, or even where I thought they would. I like this story a lot, and it doesn’t hurt that I have a long and deeply abiding fascination with the French Revolution.

I’m trying a thing where I’m alternating one spec-fic story with one erotica story. It’s not working out so well, because I work on anywhere from three to a dozen stories at once, and it all depends on which one feels alive today. A story being alive is one of the two metaphors I use for writing. The other is finding a way into the story. Sometimes, it feels like everything is there, and I just need to find a way in.

Someone else got here through searching for “cape bondage public fictions.” Whoever you are, tell me what you’re looking for! If I don’t get an answer by Thursday, I’m putting up my second guess for what I think cape bondage is. Hint: it involves matadors.
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* “My antennae trembled with emotion and I reached out to her with three of my periopods. No, I realized, this was a night that I would never want to forget.”

Fanart and Other Works

Holy Cheese, there’s fanart of my novella. Thank you, Miss Rat! It’s bad chibis doing bad things, and she nailed Iskander’s smirk.

Now that I have a novella out there, I realized that it is entirely out of my hands. I can’t fix one more thing, not a typo, not an unfortunate implication, not a single continuity error. Basically, it’s like releasing your baby into the wild and expecting it to earn you money.*

Writers, and I would guess that most creative types as well, are kind of control freaks. It’s what comes of having whole worlds and populations under your command. The realization that I can’t tweak anything else at Atia Selene, whether it’s Verity’s classwork or Iskander’s schedule, drives me a little bonkers, so obviously the answer is to go do some work.**

Have a look at some of my current projects. It’s not exactly “gaze upon my works and despair,” though, I’ve reserved most of the despair for between 9:30 PM and 10:30 PM on alternate Wednesdays.***

As an extra bonus, I’ve titled them what they are titled on my desk top.

I like lesbians. I like vampires. The last time I wrote about lesbian vampires, it got me my first print sale. This time, the narrator is an incompetent thief and the vampire who seduces/solicits her is of the silent, mysterious queen of the silver-screen variety.

Revolutionary Prawns
There are actually no shellfish in this story; I was just dead tired when I titled the file. It’s a story in third-person, which I’ve not done in a while, and it features an aristocrat in hiding and his lover, who works for the current dictatorship. This story is pretty brutal. These characters are awful to each other, but one thing that happens is that people who live under brutal circumstances tend to brutalize each other. There are exceptions, but I know which reaction I am more comfortable writing about.

This one’s barely there. There’s a paragraph that I’m not sure I’m keeping and the rest of the page is blank. I have the idea that it takes place in the same world as the one described in “Revolutionary Prawns,”**** but these are the people who are going to be tackling the regime, fighting viciously and maybe, just maybe, winning. I rather like the female narrator in this one.
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The Weird Sources of Lord of Misrule
Some Sleep
More Thoughts on Cape Bondage
*It’s probably for the best that I’ve decided to never become a parent.
**More work is always the answer.
***Scheduling is more important than they ever tell you it will be.
****Typing that tells me that I need a title before I type it again.

Novella: Lord of Misrule

My novella just got released today!

Lord of Misrule features Verity, a grad student sorcerer who’s too smart for his own good, his competent and rather sadistic manservant, a mummy, some academic banditry, some angst and a whole lot of sex.*

I’m very proud of this story. I really enjoy the characters, and other people who like my work will definitely like this one. I can think of worse trademarks than smart-ass characters and fairly believable sex.

I’ve written about Lord of Misrule in the past, and the summary they have up covers it pretty well, so there’s not much left for me to say except please buy my novella.

If you read it, please let me know what you think! I’m always happy to hear from readers and if you review it,** let me know so I can link you.
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Lord of Misrule Outtakes
Please, Please, Please, Please Buy My Book
*I mean it. There’s a lot of sex.
**Please, please review it.

Attempt at Cape Bondage #1

Thing One:
Looking back at the last entry, my god, I need to edit things and not just assume that the text gremlins will eat my mistakes.*

Thing Two:
I’ve found out there there is a plant called the Buddha belly. This delights me beyond all measure of man.

Thing Three:
Oh yeah, have some fiction, and join me as I try to figure out what cape bondage means.

For today, cape bondage refers to media involving superheros and bondage.

We managed our first kiss while I was hanging by my toes from an seventeenth-story ledge and he was leaned out of a sixteenth story window.

“Nice,” he yelled over the wind. “Did you grow up in a circus?”

“Try again,” I smirked, letting myself drop only to catch myself on a flagpole a few stories below.

Our next kiss was a little more desperate. We were squashed into a crowded maintenance closet in Grand Central Station, hiding from the Feverman’s thugs. His hand ended up on my breast, and my thigh was nudged up between his leg, and it sort of went from there.

“Contortionist and acrobatics,” he muttered. “Secret Chinese monastery?”

“I’m not a monk, I’m not Chinese, and shut up, I think they’re coming back.”

He finally got me out of the leotard and tights on New Year’s Eve, after Miracle Child and Nyanza blew the Infernium back to Hell. I left the mask on, and he was enough of a professional to let it go.

“Okay, I got it.” he said. I hadn’t uncuffed him from the bed posts and I just made a grumbling sound as I nuzzled closer to his chest.

“You’re a beautiful woman who fights crime in a mask, you like a little light kink in bed, and you don’t like being asked about your past.”

“Mmm. Now you’re getting it…”
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The Secret Lives of Superheros
Some Dancing
1 Paragraph in 5 Different Genres
*Okay, this has never worked, but I’m pretty sure they gave me my pseudonym. I woke up one morning and found that sometime in the night, “by Kannan Feng” had been added to a short story manuscript.

Honeydew and Other Useful Melons

So I’ve decided to try being the Calm Collected Writer rather than the Crazy, Frenetic Driving-Her-Friends-to-Distraction Writer. It’s a nice calm day, I have clean laundry* and all of my regular work is done, so now I am free to write exactly as I please.**

Tonight’s project involves straightening out and streamlining a 1200 word story that turned out not to be about a dead bank robber after all, but about the girl in Missouri who was waiting for him. She’s not waiting for him anymore, but there’s sex and a nice creepy black car before we get there. The story doesn’t have a title yet, but I figure one will come along.

This story was an easy one as these things go. I sat down, finished half of it, had a day to do some other things and then finished the rest of it. It’s nice when they’re easy like that. Except for the graphic sex, it kind of feels like the beginning of a novel of some sort. Dunno what kind of novel starts with the main character’s boyfriend getting killed and deals with men in nice cars, but I’d probably read it.

Sometimes I do wonder about looking at the other side of my erotica, the side where they’re not having sex. For example, Virgin always felt like an interlude in the middle of a cyberpunk caper, with biomech tall dogs and the existence of places like Nova Rus and Little Bombay. Iskander, from Lord of Misrule, would probably make a pretty good choice for as fantasy hero, with Verity as his sidekick.***

Tonight, if I’m really good I’ll start work with Cles and Florian, who live godawful lives during a nasty revolutionary period in their country’s history. On the other hand, I think they’re characters who are genuinely in love with each other, which I can’t say for many of my other characters. Dita and Silas,

I’ve also been thinking that I need to write more stories featuring lesbians. I don’t know why I don’t, the lesbian stories that I’ve written have been fun to write and they went to fairly good markets.

Hmm, this has largely turned into a Kannan Feng Honeydew list, so I’ll let it go for now. Come back later this week for fiction. Possibly I’ll try to write cape bondage.
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Editing, Most Likely
Reading in Bed
Four Erotica Projects I Can’t Do Right Now
*I write better when I have clean laundry put away. It beats having a drug habit.
**Not exactly as I please. There’s a limit to how much fanfic I should write.
***Evening writing that makes me giggle. Verity is not a person who ever sees himself as the sidekick.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Inspiration

Sometimes, I feel like I want a Writer at Work sign. There’s less chance of falling concrete and more chances of having to listen to me mutter, “but is ‘engorged’ REALLY the right adjective here?”* but the sense of distracted activity is about the same.

The other night was one of those nights. I put my head down, wrote about 600 words on a dead bank robber,** ate two plums, and then wrote a 2,500 short story. I looked up, it was about 3 AM, and I had to be at Miss Rat’s place in five hours.***

Those were a fun few hours. I worked straight through, I never looked up from the screen and I wasn’t thinking about anything else in the entire world. It was a pretty pleasant break from things, and all at the low, low price of being a dazed, nonsense-speaking goblin at my friends the next day.

So that’s the bright side of inspiration. In my case, at least, inspiration doesn’t end with me creating works of Incalcuable Beauty, it just ends with me getting writing done. Inspiration is getting an idea, and running with it until you drop.

That was a lot of fun, but that’s far and away the exception rather than the rule when I sit down to work.

Most of the time writing looks a lot more like this:

-Sit down to write
-Check email
-Open docment
-Look at cute animal macro from Miss Rat
-Chat with Long Suffering Girlfriend
-Play Echo Bazaar
-Play Echo Bazaar
-Cute animal macro
-Cute animal macro
-Play Echo Bazaar

That’s fine too. Writing is slower and more distracted when there’s nothing else pushing it but me, and it is harder.

It’s nice when it’s there, but if I waited for inspiration to strike every time I wanted to write a story, I’d have written maybe 5,000 words in the past year as opposed to something more like 150,000.

At the end of the day, waiting for inspiration is a poor idea just because if you do, you’ll spend a lot of time waiting.
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More Confused People Show Up Looking for Echo Bazaar Information
Kannan Feng Officially Apologizes to Echo Bazaar
Cape Bondage, Hot, Steamy and Sexy
*Almost never.
**His name is Tucker Silas and he makes me sad.
***Being the logical person that I am, this meant that I went to write longhand in bed for another hour.

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