Honeydew and Other Useful Melons

So I’ve decided to try being the Calm Collected Writer rather than the Crazy, Frenetic Driving-Her-Friends-to-Distraction Writer. It’s a nice calm day, I have clean laundry* and all of my regular work is done, so now I am free to write exactly as I please.**

Tonight’s project involves straightening out and streamlining a 1200 word story that turned out not to be about a dead bank robber after all, but about the girl in Missouri who was waiting for him. She’s not waiting for him anymore, but there’s sex and a nice creepy black car before we get there. The story doesn’t have a title yet, but I figure one will come along.

This story was an easy one as these things go. I sat down, finished half of it, had a day to do some other things and then finished the rest of it. It’s nice when they’re easy like that. Except for the graphic sex, it kind of feels like the beginning of a novel of some sort. Dunno what kind of novel starts with the main character’s boyfriend getting killed and deals with men in nice cars, but I’d probably read it.

Sometimes I do wonder about looking at the other side of my erotica, the side where they’re not having sex. For example, Virgin always felt like an interlude in the middle of a cyberpunk caper, with biomech tall dogs and the existence of places like Nova Rus and Little Bombay. Iskander, from Lord of Misrule, would probably make a pretty good choice for as fantasy hero, with Verity as his sidekick.***

Tonight, if I’m really good I’ll start work with Cles and Florian, who live godawful lives during a nasty revolutionary period in their country’s history. On the other hand, I think they’re characters who are genuinely in love with each other, which I can’t say for many of my other characters. Dita and Silas,

I’ve also been thinking that I need to write more stories featuring lesbians. I don’t know why I don’t, the lesbian stories that I’ve written have been fun to write and they went to fairly good markets.

Hmm, this has largely turned into a Kannan Feng Honeydew list, so I’ll let it go for now. Come back later this week for fiction. Possibly I’ll try to write cape bondage.
Coming Soon:
Editing, Most Likely
Reading in Bed
Four Erotica Projects I Can’t Do Right Now
*I write better when I have clean laundry put away. It beats having a drug habit.
**Not exactly as I please. There’s a limit to how much fanfic I should write.
***Evening writing that makes me giggle. Verity is not a person who ever sees himself as the sidekick.


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