Another Production From Up Too Damn Late Players

The big recent accomplishment is that I just finished the lesbian vampire story, which is tentatively known as “Somewhere, Anywhere.” I rather like it at the moment, but that’s because I’ve not tried to go back and edit it yet. I know there’s a morass of misplaced limbs and improbable character motivations waiting for me, but at least I know it?

I’ve been thinking about writing romance lately. At this point in my career as an erotica writer, I’m not sure that I’ve written one romantic relationship. Verity and Iskander come the closest, and at the end of Lord of Misrule, they’re just on the verge of saying, “Okay, we’ve got something, so let’s see if it’s going to last any longer than the last orgasm.”

The story about Florian and Cles is likely going to get the title “Cut” because it really can’t get sent off as “Revolutionary Prawns.”* The story is nasty and getting nastier, and the victim and victimizer roles aren’t shaking down where the characters thought they would, or even where I thought they would. I like this story a lot, and it doesn’t hurt that I have a long and deeply abiding fascination with the French Revolution.

I’m trying a thing where I’m alternating one spec-fic story with one erotica story. It’s not working out so well, because I work on anywhere from three to a dozen stories at once, and it all depends on which one feels alive today. A story being alive is one of the two metaphors I use for writing. The other is finding a way into the story. Sometimes, it feels like everything is there, and I just need to find a way in.

Someone else got here through searching for “cape bondage public fictions.” Whoever you are, tell me what you’re looking for! If I don’t get an answer by Thursday, I’m putting up my second guess for what I think cape bondage is. Hint: it involves matadors.
Coming Soon:
A Trip to the Bookstore
The Inherent Eroticism of Indirect Light
More Writing
* “My antennae trembled with emotion and I reached out to her with three of my periopods. No, I realized, this was a night that I would never want to forget.”


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