Five Things of a Thursday Morning

Yay Thursday! Have five things!

1. A while back, I was in the airport, trying to get home from Houston. I was reading a book that was only getting more and more depressing and finally I called the Long-Suffering Girlfriend. I mewled about how sad the book was, saying “How was I to know?”

At which point, it was pointed out to me that in fact, the book’s title, “The Well of Loneliness” might have tipped me off.

This is kind of what writing the not!French Revolution story is like.

2. Man, I eat a lot of Pringles.

3. I spent a lot of time last night on a site that offered scanlations of erotic manga and doujinshi.* I initially got there by following a reference to a long, extremely pretty manga about foxes, shapechanging and horrible people doing horrible things to each other. The manga itself had gorgeously ukyio-e-inspired art, and then I moved on to other things on the site, which was probably a mistake. I did, however, learn that no matter who’s writing the comic, Ryoga’s** life sucks.

4. I wrote a ton yesterday. I think the grand total was something like 3500 words. It wasn’t all one thing, more’s the pity, but that’s a lot of words. I actually feel pretty good about all those words, so I figure that sometime this weekend, I’ll look at them, scream and rip them apart and put them together.

5. So I wrote this novella, Lord of Misrule. You may have heard me ranting and begging people to buy it. Anyway, so today I was bopping around and thinking, man, I’d like to write about those characters again. Then I realized that I was actually thinking about writing fanfiction for my own writing, and that felt weird. If I need a brain break, I’ll likely write it anyway, regardless of how self-aggrandizing that feels.
Coming Soon:
Plans for Dinner
Bridesmaid: The Reckoning***
I Explain Liulfr
*Japanese comics, both original and fan-derived. This may be the first legitimately useful footnote I’ve ever used in this blog.
**Ryoga’s from the anime Ranma ½. I finally stopped when I realized that his penis had a pig’s head. Honestly, I should have stopped before that.
***This would be a bad, bad movie. And I would watch it.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Madeline Elayne
    Oct 07, 2010 @ 20:18:57

    Dude! Who wouldn’t want to write fanfic for that, though? Verity and Iskander are HAWT! We need book two!


    • kannanfeng
      Oct 12, 2010 @ 19:00:43

      When you’re reading fic about Iskander and Verity in an American high school setting or when I decide to cross over with Harry Potter, you’ll regret saying that.

      Hee, I kid. I was actually thinking about doing some of Iskander’s back story and I’ve been reluctant because it’s very sad.


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