Visuals and Where I Fail

So at the moment, I’m a bit worn out. I just sent a longer submission off to a big publisher* and I just finished the rough draft of “Cut,” which is the revolutionary story that I’ve been agonizing over for so long. I’ve got a couple other pokers in the fire right now, and in a bit, I’m going to go work on them.

This all means that I’m tired and you get a disorganized post while I hang out with the Long-Suffering Girlfriend as she watches a Russian movie with a lot of ranting in it.**

I was thinking about visuals today. One thing that my first readers (Hi, Miss Rat and LSG!) scold me for is that I don’t really describe my characters. Well, that has a little to do with the fact that I don’t always think about what they look like. I should, Squid knows. I write erotica, and knowing what the characters look like is key.

I manage to get hair color and eye color and general build together, but after that, I just rely on word choice to get the right effect. In many cases, if my characters were real people, I could walk down the street without recognizing them.


Months ago, well after I’d written Lord of Misrule, I was browsing the internet and suddenly I said in confusion, “Hey Miss Rat, want to see a picture of Verity?”

It was a weird moment. I was browsing Male Submission Art*** and the very Not Safe For Work picture that had just come up matched my perception of Verity. It was weird, because I didn’t even think I HAD a real perception of Verity.

But anyway, check out the NSFW picture and tell me what you think. If you’ve read Lord of Misrule, do you think that looks like Verity? To me, the attitude is right, especially with that very, very direct gaze.
Maybe a Snack?
Iskander/Verity/Liulfr Threesome
The Worst Thing I have Ever Written
*Keep your fingers crossed for me, eh?
**Apparently, it’s about a man lying on his couch and yelling.
***I do that a lot.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Madeline Elayne
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 12:09:00

    Fingers AND toes crossed for you, for sure!

    Oh, no. Verity isn’t a SMOKER, is he? I might just have to love him less, now! I mean, I imagined him enjoying a thaumaturgically-enhanced drink every now and again, but smoking is just WRONG! 😉


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