Be Kind to the Meat

Sometimes, I need to stop and tell myself that I’m not eighteen anymore. You’d think that the decade between now and then would have convinced me of this, but nothing doing. Somewhere in my head, I can still live off of cheeseburgers, pull all nighters, build sets, and give a 6 minute speech with 2 minutes of preparation.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

As a matter of fact, though I am a relatively healthy 28-year-old, my meat no longer wants to the things that I routinely put it through in high school and early college.

I’ve been on 2000-words-in-a-sitting writing jags for a few days now, and that’s on top of my regular writing gig which has me writing an average of around 3000 words a day. My body would like to let me know that we are no longer 18, that we are in this together, and that if I won’t listen, I will be made to stop entirely.

If you’re a writer, for the love of Squid, get up and look away from the screen for a minute. You are all nice people who deserve to be healthy and happy, not sad and crampy.*


People liked the idea of the genre-savvy villain from the last post, and though god knows when/if it will be done, have the beginning to Maksim’s story:


There were probably more pleasurable things in the world than sitting in a hot bath and being attended by a beautiful young man, but at the moment, Maksim Carrolus thought it profoundly unlikely.

The water relaxed his aching muscles, and the collared young man was doing everything in his power to make it clear that he would appreciate a promotion from body slave.

Body slave was certainly far too lowly a position for a young man of such charms, Maksim thought, tilting his head back for a lingering kiss. Concubine would suit him much better, though the positions in Maksim’s mind currently had little to do with payroll and everything to do with human anatomy. Possibly some acrobatic training.

“The general is too kind,” the young man was purring. “He does me great honor.”

“The general will be very pleased if you stop talking about him in the third person,” Maksim said, nuzzling the young man’s neck. The young man had both hands on Maksim’s shoulders, ostensibly bathing him, but his touch was turning frankly sensual and Maksim had to admit that he had never really cared all that much about being clean, not when there was someone so pretty and so accommodating nearby

Maksim wondered if the bathtub was large enough to hold both of them without their getting stuck and then decided against risking it. There were few accidents more embarrassing than getting stuck in the bath with a naked body slave. It was almost, he thought, as bad as getting knifed in the bath, and that was when the door swung open to reveal a man with a crossbow.


A Shower, and Then Some Kind of Food
Kannan Feng Does NOT Write Another 2000 Words Tonight
So What Do You Want For Halloween?
*This INCLUDES, but is NOT LIMITED TO: Miss Rat, the Long Suffering Girlfriend, Madeline Elayne and Zee. Yes, all of you!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Madeline Elayne
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 16:11:36

    There’s a world outside the stories in my head? Blasphemy! Besides, I don’t have to listen to people who want me to leave the shiny screen, the shiny screen told me so!


  2. Zee
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 09:47:56

    Don’t worry. I spend FAR too much time making espresso and carrying jugs of milk to lose my eyesight at the computer. If I don’t eat and sleep, I can’t work.

    …which has meant lately that I can’t write. Sad Zee.


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