Maunderings and Misalignments

Hoo boy, I missed a week back there. Darn.

Winter’s closing in fast, and the gray light is getting harder to beat. I’ve been doing very little but planning to write lately, and whether that means I am actually outlining usefully or just fooling myself remains to be seen.

On the other hand, I’m also in a place where I am just about ready to start a few longer projects, and hopefully, I have done enough planning to ensure that they do not crash and burn halfway through or to forget to include certain main characters in the middle.*

I need to remember that points like this do in fact just happen, especially when I’m tired and stressed, so it does not mean “Oh god, I’m never going to write again” which is what used to happen. Instead, I’ve taken a good break, fed myself and not on junk food, and I’m keeping busy.

Have some of the random links on my bookmarks as I clear them out!

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* “I didn’t forget what happened to him, I just didn’t care” is invariably the wrong response.


And Now We Play the Waiting Game…

Despite being slightly dry on the writing front right now, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t earlier this year. What that means is that I have quite a few stories out, and I’m waiting to hear back on them.

This is one of the most irritating parts about being a writer, where all of your work is currently out and there’s nothing you can do about it. I have something like five short stories waiting for a response, and the answer to the stress is simply go write some more.

As far as I can tell, that’s always the answer, so have a small piece of fiction before I need to pop off and finally get some good sleep.

First was the shock of pain and then the taste of blood in his mouth. Peri’s cheek stung and he forced himself not to cringe, not to show in any way that he was afraid.

Satviy made a hissing noise through his long teeth. It might have been disappointment, but to Peri, there was an unpleasant savor of anticipation there. Thin hands spidered up Peri’s bare side, unexpectedly ticklish before stroking along his jaw. The pleasure was as unlooked-for and as unwelcome as the pain.

“Soon,” Satviy said, nipping his strong white teeth against the skin of Peri’s unmarked cheek. “Oh, soon, beloved.”

You were beloved, and then you were dead
, Peri thought with a surge of fear. He cringed when Satviy’s hand brushed between his legs, stifling a helpless cry that was far too close to a whimper.

Yes, some longing part of him thought, but first you were beloved.
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And We’re Back!

Okay, apparently, I could keep up NaNoWriMo in the face of moving and in the face of being a bridesmaid, but the ER visit was just pushing it over the top. I’m fine now, so don’t worry, but dude. So much for word count.

I’m currently at a bit of a lull at the moment, just due to personal exhaustion and a real desire not to end up in the ER again, so my writing has been down, but not non-existent. There’s been some fanfic, and some noodling around with significantly longer stuff, but I want to get back to writing very badly.

I’m feeling a little brain-fried right now, so have a list of 5 things that I didn’t do over the past few weeks.


Write 1,666 Words a Day

Play Pranks on the ER Nurse
For some reason, I really wanted to to pretend to be passed out when the ER nurse came back in. I was widely informed that that was Not On.

Get a Bed
I’m living the bohemian writer lifestyle in a cheap apartment and sleeping on a pallet of blankets on the floor. It sucks, and I’d like to upgrade to bohemian writer living as pampered mistress of a rich man or woman now.*

Go Fetal.
Not once. Honestly, I’m as surprised as you are.

Hmm, while we’re stream of conscience writing here, I suddenly want to write a novella called “Two Dead Girls.” I… guess it would be two vampires who are hunting something big in Milwaukee. With lots of sex, I’d imagine.

Coming Soon:
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*Happily, I am getting a bed tonight. We think.

Just So You All Know…

Moving is like the least sexy thing ever.

See you all next Tuesday, when I will likely get to be a real human being again.*

*Assuming I was to begin with.

Nocturne in the Key of AAAAAAAARGH

This is going to be fast because somehow, I decided that moving, starting NaNoWriMo, and being a bridesmaid are OF COURSE the things that all need to go on the same week. Five things, and go!

1. I started NaNoWriMo, which seems to involve me writing a m/f paranormal romance. Didn’t see that one coming. Maybe this will tell us for once and all whether I can write people in love.

2. Stuff. Everywhere. It’s driving me slightly batfuck, but I figure that this is good for me. By Thursday, I’ll have less stuff and be in a new apartment where I can have all my books out again. I missed my books.

3. Sorting through my books, I have way less porn than I thought I did. The response, of course, is that I need more pornography.

4. In the middle of all of this, I want to write short stories like mad. My hands already hurt from the extra typing and the hauling of worldly possessions. I am actually putting the brakes on this impulse before my body decides it needs to put the breaks on for me.

5. When your job needs you to have an icon of yourself in your profile, and you have no camera, the next best thing is to find old BDSM pictures and do some judicious cropping. Just FYI.
Coming Soon:
A Real Entry, One Hopes
Likely, Writing After That.