Nocturne in the Key of AAAAAAAARGH

This is going to be fast because somehow, I decided that moving, starting NaNoWriMo, and being a bridesmaid are OF COURSE the things that all need to go on the same week. Five things, and go!

1. I started NaNoWriMo, which seems to involve me writing a m/f paranormal romance. Didn’t see that one coming. Maybe this will tell us for once and all whether I can write people in love.

2. Stuff. Everywhere. It’s driving me slightly batfuck, but I figure that this is good for me. By Thursday, I’ll have less stuff and be in a new apartment where I can have all my books out again. I missed my books.

3. Sorting through my books, I have way less porn than I thought I did. The response, of course, is that I need more pornography.

4. In the middle of all of this, I want to write short stories like mad. My hands already hurt from the extra typing and the hauling of worldly possessions. I am actually putting the brakes on this impulse before my body decides it needs to put the breaks on for me.

5. When your job needs you to have an icon of yourself in your profile, and you have no camera, the next best thing is to find old BDSM pictures and do some judicious cropping. Just FYI.
Coming Soon:
A Real Entry, One Hopes
Likely, Writing After That.


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