It’s Cold and There Are Wolves Out Here

I’ve been seriously sucking at the regular updates lately, and I apologize for that. With that in mind, I’m going to be cutting down to once a week until further notice, because apparently, I am still recovering from the stress of November.*

So with the winter getting in my face and licking speculatively, I decided that I’m going to be writing a surprise for the people on the blog. Expect it some time in late December, and I hope you all like it; it’s essentially Smut Without Warning, and it involves the characters from Lord of Misrule.

Anyway, it’s cold, my fingers are slightly numb and tingling, so have some fic!


Lying in bed on the south side of 2 AM, I can hear the hissing radiator, someone playing jazz from two floors below, and the couple next door having sex.

I’m not sure he wants it. He starts to protest and then something -her hand? Her mouth?- cuts him off. I can hear them rolling over in bed, making the springs creak, and I imagine her straddling his hips, pressing her fingers into his mouth to give him something better to do with it. The bed creaks uncertainly before she finds a rhythm and then I can hear her speaking rhythmically. Through the muffling wall, she might be saying anything.

I clamp the pillow over my head. I’m not here, I’m not hearing this.

Her voice almost lulls me to sleep before I catch the rhythm in it. Her words are oddly punctuated and then I realize, nothing odd about it, that they’re keeping perfect time with the creaks from the bed. She’s talking as they fuck, telling him something.

I strain to hear him for a second before I realize what I’m doing and roll over again. I can’t hear him at all. He might be made of wood, or stone. She’s pleasing herself with something that can’t feel a thing.

The jazz from two floors below cuts off and now I’m just listening to her. She’s not talking any more; she’s just making these soft cooing sounds, gentle and encouraging.

When she climaxes, it’s with a sigh and not a shout. I hear the bed creak once more, and soft thump like a body rolling onto the mattress.

He starts to say something again, and she slaps him. It’s loud and clear as shattering glass. It’s so quick I only remember it, and a moment afterward, I start to doubt I heard it at all.

After that, all three of us were quiet and sometime later, I fell asleep.


Coming Soon:
Likely, More Fiction
Kannan Feng Tackles Romance, Placed in Penalty Box for 2 Minutes
*On the upside, now two doctors have said that I am healing far faster that most people. Apparently, I do indeed have a mutant healing factor.