As a Matter of Fact, I Never Learn Anything

I once heard someone say that you never learn to write novels, you just learn to write specific novels.

I never quite knew what that meant until I had a few more stories/novellas under my belt, and then it was sort of like a flower pot hitting me on the head.*

As a matter of fact, just about everything I have written has had a different process. Check it out:

Under the Skin
This novella is forthcoming for Torquere Press and it more or less happens in the same world where Virgin, from the Queerpunk collection, takes place. It features high-stakes information banditry and cyberjack fetishism. For this one, I wrote a blurb and then loosely outlined it. Didn’t figure out the ending until about 18,000 words in, which was kind of nerve-wracking. I have never been able to replicate writing a novella this way since.

Lord of Misrule (short story)
No idea, no idea, no idea, 2 days from the deadline, idea, write, write, write, submit, roll around on Miss Rat’s floor, foam at the mouth.

Lord of Misrule (novella)
I carefully outlined the novella and then promptly threw it out the window to write something a lot scarier. Originally it was going to be a lighter series of short stories, and then it turned into something about academic blackmail, and then it turned into the dark fantasy-meets-grad school thing that got published.

Charming Monsters
This is the story about serial killers and black mail that is currently in final edits. It is one of the more frightening pieces of erotica that I have ever written, largely because I know what kind of monster the man who calls himself Jack really is. This one started from a single paragraph and then I just wound up the characters and let them go. It’s easy when characters with gaping personality flaws get set on a collision course.

Anyway, hi to everyone I’ve missed over the past few months and here’s attempt two to start posting weekly. Hope everyone’s doing well out there!
Coming Soon:
Elizabethan Fantasy Novella, Now With More Poison!
Where the Hell Is My Plot?
Possibly a Snack
*Less impressive than a lightning bolt hitting me on the head. That was what happened when I realized that good food and lots of sleep helped me fix my body, or you know, when I realized why medicine existed. **
** “Gee, I wish there was something I could do that would just alleviate the symptoms of my cold so that I could be more comfortable while it runs its course.”


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