Five Things and Go!

I’ve been testing out a lot of projects lately, writing out outlines and first chapters and whatnot, and I’ve been having a recurring problem of figuring out whether they are erotica or not. Things that I was planning for one way go another, and suddenly there’s plot, limbs and clothes flying everywhere. Miss Rat suggests just writing them as they come and adding/removing the sex later, which is probably the best advice to be had for this.

The Long-Suffering Girlfriend is playing Dragon Age: Origins. Despite the fangirl squee, I am just Not That In To Alistair. Zevran and Morrigan, Team Evil for the win.

Editing. Editing never changes.* I’ve got a novella coming back for edits soon, and it’s sort of like an angry rabid raccoon dangled above my head. But…but I don’t WANT to fix my glaring plot holes and improperly placed bodies!

Writing more, cooking more, working more, playing more, giggling more. I love bright days.

I need to finish something. I need to finish something badly. I have no less than 12 unfinished project on my desktop, and its a little stultifying. I used to do 100-word stories on a daily basis and that was nice just because I got to finish something, damnit.
Coming Soon:
More Writing
Researching Your Historical Smut
And Then We Put Wings on It
*And if you know what game that’s a riff on, I love you.