Long Time No See!

Let’s see, in the time since I’ve last written, I’ve learned to make fried green tomatoes*, made myself some 1600’s Turkish clothing,** and started watching new anime.***

Oh yeah, and I’ve been doing a ton of writing.

Some of it is sexy and holy Squid, but some of it is getting published!


Forthcoming from Torquere Press, I have the cyberpunk novella Under the Skin, which features Padraic, a very awkward young engineer and Minoru, the overly-ambitions heir to the Inoue Corporation. Under the Skin is for you if you like:

Cybernetic implant naughtiness.

A slightly dented, very shy protagonist

Action, industrial espionage, and faulty language translation programs

M/M sex

From Circlet Press, I have a short story in the Lovecraftian anthology Whispers in Darkness. The short story’s called “A Reflection of Kindness,” and I did my best to replicate the dry, slightly distant tone of Lovecraft’s protagonists. I’m honestly a bigger Robert Chambers fan****, but I think I created some of my creepiest monsters yet for this story. I find myself wholly surprised that they wear human faces very well. “A Reflection of Kindness” is for you if you like:

Creepy shenanigans

Virginal heroines growing wise

Ancient beings who once fled Kemit

Beautiful mirrors

M/F sex

You know, I just suddenly realized that I had the opportunity to write for a Lovecraft anthology and I did NOT write a tentacle sex scene. I suddenly feel as if I have not only wronged the world, I have wronged myself to my deepest core. I want to have a card that I can turn in.


Anyway, that’s what’s been going on, and I am going to do my best to start posting here again.
Coming Soon:
Kannan Feng Updates Her Information, Because Damn
It’s Way Too Big and Other Reasons I’ve Not Written a Novel Yet
Possibly Some Mango Licorice
*Delicious, and the best way to eat it is to stuff it between two slices of sourdough bread, liberally spread with Kewpie mayo and Sriracha sauce.
**It gives me hips like I’ve never had hips before.
***I think Haruhi Suzumiya is God. I don’t mean the show is that good, I think that she’s literally God. It’s that kind of show.
****I think Miss Rat remembers the day I actually found a copy of The King in Yellow in a dusty bookstore. There was much squealing.


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