Fanart and Other Works

Holy Cheese, there’s fanart of my novella. Thank you, Miss Rat! It’s bad chibis doing bad things, and she nailed Iskander’s smirk.

Now that I have a novella out there, I realized that it is entirely out of my hands. I can’t fix one more thing, not a typo, not an unfortunate implication, not a single continuity error. Basically, it’s like releasing your baby into the wild and expecting it to earn you money.*

Writers, and I would guess that most creative types as well, are kind of control freaks. It’s what comes of having whole worlds and populations under your command. The realization that I can’t tweak anything else at Atia Selene, whether it’s Verity’s classwork or Iskander’s schedule, drives me a little bonkers, so obviously the answer is to go do some work.**

Have a look at some of my current projects. It’s not exactly “gaze upon my works and despair,” though, I’ve reserved most of the despair for between 9:30 PM and 10:30 PM on alternate Wednesdays.***

As an extra bonus, I’ve titled them what they are titled on my desk top.

I like lesbians. I like vampires. The last time I wrote about lesbian vampires, it got me my first print sale. This time, the narrator is an incompetent thief and the vampire who seduces/solicits her is of the silent, mysterious queen of the silver-screen variety.

Revolutionary Prawns
There are actually no shellfish in this story; I was just dead tired when I titled the file. It’s a story in third-person, which I’ve not done in a while, and it features an aristocrat in hiding and his lover, who works for the current dictatorship. This story is pretty brutal. These characters are awful to each other, but one thing that happens is that people who live under brutal circumstances tend to brutalize each other. There are exceptions, but I know which reaction I am more comfortable writing about.

This one’s barely there. There’s a paragraph that I’m not sure I’m keeping and the rest of the page is blank. I have the idea that it takes place in the same world as the one described in “Revolutionary Prawns,”**** but these are the people who are going to be tackling the regime, fighting viciously and maybe, just maybe, winning. I rather like the female narrator in this one.
Coming Soon:
The Weird Sources of Lord of Misrule
Some Sleep
More Thoughts on Cape Bondage
*It’s probably for the best that I’ve decided to never become a parent.
**More work is always the answer.
***Scheduling is more important than they ever tell you it will be.
****Typing that tells me that I need a title before I type it again.