Link Salad and Balsamic Dressing

It occurs to me that I really don’t write erotica in a vacuum, or at least, I shouldn’t. The mechanics of sex, especially once you get into kink, non-standard body types, multiple people and the increasing complexity of sex toys, do require research, and while there’s always the tried and true do it yourself method,* there are still things that I need to look up.

Good resources let you confirm things that make your erotica story more believable, ** and they can give you ideas when all you’ve got is a deadline coming up.

These are some of the sources that I use on a fairly regular basis.

The Big Book Of Filth: 6500 Sex Slang Words and Phrases, by Jonathon Green
This one properly belongs to Miss Rat, but I borrow it all the time. When I’m writing vaguely period porn, it helps to know how to call a spade a spade or a penis a penis. Of course, for every time I grab it to find a good word for a period story, there are at least three times that I grab it just to giggle at the descriptions of tribadism.

Male Submission Art
I love just about everything that maymay posts, and one of the best things about his pictures is that they are almost all narrative. It’s a good reminder that erotica has a story, and looking at the pictures can help me figure out how to get that across. There was also the time that I ran across a picture of a young man that looks exactly like Verity does in my head. It gave me a Moment.

BME: Body Modification Ezine
Though I’ve not gotten new piercings in quite some time, I still love this site. It has passionate people speaking articulately and clearly about transformative physical experiences, and it’s an invaluable resource if you ever want to know some of the important nitty-gritty parts of edgeplay.
Coming Soon:
Cybering: The Gateway Drug to Erotica
Crap, I Need a Blog Post
Probably Some Fiction
**Plausibility is actually more important than believability in a story. Believability is not always necessary for a good story.***
***I don’t need to believe in goo girls to find them freaking adorable.****
****Um, I just searched that to try to find a link. First, don’t search it at work, and second, I meant anime women made out of clear or tinted gel, not women who enjoy getting covered in semen.


Roaming the Internet With a Flashlight and a Treasure Map

I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the Internet. It’s my main method of communication*, all of my money comes from the Internet, and I’ve lost whole days to TVTropes.**

I roam the Internet like an unwise 5 year old, poking the things I shouldn’t poke, and I’m always happy when someone else has done some of the sifting for me. In the spirit of giving back to the thing that has given me so much, have some links that have some pertinence to being an erotica writer

Circlet Press
They publish me, and I love them. They also have regular contests, free fiction on Fridays, and fun things about writing and reading erotica. Did I mention that they publish me and I love them?

Cecilia Tan’s Blog
I think I first read her short story in the Marketplace collection, The Academy: Tales of the Marketplace. She writes about sex and baseball (among other things), and her blog’s a great place to find out what’s new in spec-fic erotica.

Lauren’s Tales
Lauren P. Burak has edited me twice now and she hasn’t reached through the Internet to strangle me with my own adverbs. Not only is she a lovely editor, she’s a great writer. At the moment, she’s offering up some free serial fiction, so go look at that.

Madeline Elayne
I got linked to her through Circlet, and she posts free microfiction.  She’s not afraid to write about the things that make the world turn: coffee and math. But it’s sexy math. She’s currently running a contest, so take a look around for that.

One Dirty Rat
Full disclosure: I am writing this in Miss Rat’s apartment and she fed me breakfast. That being said, she’s an awesome erotic artist, and she paints people who are non-white and who have different body shapes. She’ll draw pretty pictures for you if you pay her.
Coming Soon:
You Put It Where? Or Things Not to Be Used in Sex Scenes
Kannan Feng and Miss Rat Go to the Store


*My mom got email, instant messaging and Skype all in very short order. Then she learned the trick of setting herself as “offline” most of the time and surprising me when I’m working.

**Oh god.