Where can I find your work?
All of my currently available erotica is published with Circlet Press.

Who are some of your influences?
One would definitely be Laura Antinou, author of The Marketplace series. She has a lot to do with my pet kink of fitting the sex and bondage into a situation/world where it could really happen. Other influences include Sarah Monette, who has some of the most unflinching characterization that I’ve read, and Elizabeth Bear, who builds worlds solid enough withstand nuclear blasts.

How do you write a good sex scene?
In terms of pure mechanics, think about it like orchestrating a fight scene. You should be able to tell what is happening. Don’t make the audience guess at what is going where. Ahem.

Don’t neglect the emotional aspect of it. Sex is an emotional experience as much as it is a sensual one, and even if the emotion there is numbness, anger or fear, it should be expressed.

Sex should change something. This doesn’t hold true for erotica that simply allows us to peek into characters’ lives, but for works where sex is driving the action, it should affect the way the characters think about each other and act towards each other.

May I review your work?
Absolutely! Just send me an email so I can send other people your way.

How can I get in touch with you?
I can be contacted at kannan.feng (at) gmail.com. Feel free to drop me a line.

May I buy you sushi?
This isn’t a Frequently Asked Question. I just wish it was.


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