Under the Skin
In a cyberpunk near-future, a shy engineer is sent to Japan and gets wrapped up in industrial espionage and the machinations of a handsome businessman. Padraic risks life, limb, and sanity while finding out that his body is good for more than just carrying cyberware.
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Lord of Misrule
An upper class university student at a magical university explores a BDSM relationship with his servant while dealing with demon hauntings, mummies and midterms.
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Charming Monsters
Wesley’s obsession with a cold case dating back to the turn of the century leads him straight into the arms of a charming monster who calls himself Jack.

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Short Stories

Lord of Misrule
Found in Kneel to Me, edited by Lauren Burka
Verity Fen is a spoiled student at a university devoted to magical arts. When the Feast of Fools rolls around and Verity’s servant Iskander presides over the revels, Verity learns a lesson in obedience and manners.
Excerpt at Circlet Press
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Found in QUEERPUNK, edited by Cecilia Tan and Kelly Kinkaid
In the wake of a data heist gone bad, Dust and Laika hole up in a futuristic love hotel. Dust wants to get laid, but Laika is much more interested in Dust’s cybernetic augmentation.
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Deviant Devices
Found in Carnal Machines, edited by D. L. King
Victoria is looking for a place as a military man’s kept woman, but her audition for the position involves a rather formidable piece of machinery and the calm-eyed Mercer, who keeps all the pieces running as they ought.
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After a Fall
Found in Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire, edited by D. L. King
Aquila is called Pride’s favorite son, a devil skilled in the art of causing mortals to fall prey to their own arrogance. Unfortunately, he chooses to boast of of his skills and of Pride’s supremacy to the new Queen of Lust.
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Found in Queer Fish 2
During a bloody revolution, Florian lives by virtue of his association with his former servant, Cles. As Florian learns more about Cles’ role in the revolution, their relationship takes an unexpected turn.
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Lucky Boy
Found in KEPT AGAINST HIS WILL: Taken by Force II
Markam Wright’s ransom was meant to be a very straightforward thing. Unfortunately, his captor hadn’t expected the young millionaire to be quite so attractive.
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Found in The Love that Never Dies: Erotic Encounters with the Undead
Dita knows that she can’t make a dead man stay, even if she loves him, but perhaps she can keep him for just a little while longer.
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Little Jade Mountain
Found in Like a Breath of Flame: Erotic Tales of Dragons
A thief finds refuge on a rainy night in the mountains with a young man who is far, far more than he appears.
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A Reflection of Kindness
A young bride’s mirror opens her up to a world that is darker and more sensual than the one that appears in the reflection.
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A short piece about an incubus’s nightly visits.
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Two angels converse on a library rooftop during Carnival
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Beautiful Monsters
A man who isn’t a doctor propositions a boy with a secret.
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A young witch is initiated into the mysteries of the plains.
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